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Over the past month or so, there has been a surplus of new roller coaster announcements from theme parks across the United States and Canada. Thus far, 2022 has given us not only the innovative Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, but larger, thrilling coasters like Iron Gwazi, and Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, Pantheon. However, 2023 looks to be the year of the family coasters. Most of the coasters announced have surprisingly been family-friendly coasters. Let’s look at what you can expect to ride next year!

1. Big Bear Mountain: Dollywood

Big Bear Mountain
Image: Dollywood

Big Bear Mountain will be a launching family coaster that twists and travels through both the Wildwood Grove section of the park. Guests will travel along almost 4,000 feet of track and the jeep-like themed trains will include onboard audio. The coaster is set to be Dollywood’s largest coaster.

2. Zambezi Zinger: Worlds of Fun

Zambezi Zinger
Image: Worlds of Fun

This new hybrid coaster pays homage to its predecessor that delighted guests at Worlds of Fun from 1973-1997 but with a more modern twist. The new coaster features a helix lift hill, much like the original, and includes several banked turns through the trees with lots of low-to-the-ground twists. The new coaster does reach a higher speed than the original, however, at 45 miles per hour. The coaster will be an excellent addition in time for Worlds of Fun’s 50th Anniversary next year.

3. & 4? New Coasters at the New Mattel Adventure Park

Hot Wheels Roller Coaster
Image: Mattel

Mattel Adventure Park is set to open in 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. This park themed around your favorite toys such as Hot Wheels and Barbie is set to include two roller coasters. The first is the Hot Wheels Roller Coaster. The coaster will be a double looping launch coaster that is “designed for speed.”  There is also rumored to be a second coaster. This one would be a family coaster, although no official sources have confirmed this addition to the park’s lineup of rides.

5. Flying Viking: Adventureland

Flying Viking
Image: Adventureland

The Flying Viking will be Adventureland’s 7th coaster. This family coaster will have its track intertwined with the log flume ride Draken Falls. The coaster will reach speeds of 26 miles per hour and travel along 1300 feet of track.

6. DarKoaster Escape The Storm: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Image: Busch Gardens

This new coaster will be occupying the space once held by Curse of DarKastle. It will be an indoor coaster that the park is boasting as the first all-indoor straddle coaster. The ride seats are meant to give the feeling of riding on a snowmobile. It will also feature a whopping 4 launches, a top speed of 36 miles per hour, and include special snow and 3-D effects. This is definitely a family coaster to be excited about.

7. Circuit Breaker: COTALand

Gravity Max
Image: Vekoma

Located at the Circuit of the Americas, Circuit Breaker will be North America’s first tilt coaster. Although the layout looks somewhat short, the coaster does seem to dip underground twice and includes a 90-degree tilt and hold before plummeting to the ground. COTALand, the amusement park located within the racetrack is set to open this year. This coaster will be similar to another Vekoma manufactured tilt coaster located in Taiwan.


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