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It's officially summertime in Walt Disney World, which also means it's officially hot, all the time now, in Florida!

A lot of families flock to Disney World in the summer, simply because that is when kids are out of school and they have no other time they can go. However, it can definitely make for a very strenuous vacation because of how hot and humid it can get in the parks. So, if you're one of these families that have no choice but to vacation to Walt Disney World during the summer, then this list I curated on best tips to battle the Florida humidity, is for you!

1. Insulated water bottles

It's no secret that you HAVE to stay hydrated on a Walt Disney World vacation, but it's even more paramount during the hot summer months.

I recommend a good, insulated and long lasting water bottle with a handle or clip which can be filled up in the morning at your hotel, with ice and water from the food court self service fountains, and it should last you the day. 

PRO TIP: Should you finish the water quickly, most quick services throughout the parks offer free small cups of ice water. Just ask the nearest one for one or 2 cups to refill your bottle and you will be good to go.

2. Cooling towels

cooling towel
Disney World Pink Cooling Towel

On those really scorcher days, cooling neck towels are an amazing addition to have in your park bag.

Disney sells really cute ones all over the parks, like pictured above. However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, there are many available on Amazon. All you need to do is find your closest bathroom, wet it under the sink, lay it around your neck, keep on walking, just like that!

PRO TIP: Combine the cooling towel with a mini portable handheld fan and you practically have a portable air conditioner.

3. Mini portable fan

Speaking of mini portable fans, these are probably my favorite option. There are many different kinds available, but personally, I will do whatever I can do to make necessity items cute, and there are a number of mini mickey fans online which are so much fun. The ones which have a wrist strap are very convenient so you don't drop it, they small enough to fit in your park bag and many are rechargeable. 

However, my favorite is a misting mini mickey fan. Not only is it cute, but it also is foldable and rechargeable! Just fill the bottom portion with water and you're good to go. Bonus; it comes in a set of two.

mister mickey fan
Mini Foldable Mister Mickey Fan on Amazon

4. Neck fans

If you don't really care about style in the parks, or don't want your hands all sweaty from holding a fan, maybe consider purchasing a neck fan. I personally don't like them because my hair always gets caught in it. However, they are very convenient and are pretty powerful despite their size. They are also adjustable too, so you can aim them exactly where you want them to go.

5. Mid-day break

Disney's All Star Sports Resort, Disney
Image: Disney

It's a time old tale you hear all of the time, "Go back to your hotel room around noon for a couple of hours to rest and cool off. Maybe go for a dip in the pool or even take a power nap". The truth is though, it works! Especially if you have kids that just don't do good in the heat. Let's face it, even I get super grumpy when I am overheated and sweaty.

The best part about this; by the time you head back to the park, not only are you refreshed and ready for round two, but the parks should be a little less crowded and the humidity level won't be as bad. 


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