Club Cool Epcot

When you hear the words “Club Cool”, what do you think of? Popularity? Maybe. Dancing all night long with friends? Also, maybe. If you are quite the quirky person, like myself, perhaps your mind went to a cool place that is cold all the time, and I might say you are getting warmer (ironic, yea?). However, what do I think of when I hear those two simple words, you ask? EPCOT. 

Disney seems to be increasing prices everywhere these days, and also taking away things at the same time, however, you can still find quite a few things that can be experienced for free (not including park admission) within each park. So, where do you ask can you find such things? Well, one of them is called Club Cool, nestled inside the newly named “World Celebration” pavilion, inside EPCOT.

Club Cool is a fun and free experience for the whole family that is owned and run by Coca Cola, which allows you to try samples of all different kinds of soda from around the world. So, if you were wondering if this is something you should do on your next trip to EPCOT, keep reading, as I go through the best (and not so best) highlights of this little hidden freebie. 


Club Cool Entrance

Epcot/Club Cool Entrance
Image: Jessica Harrington 

It is somewhat tucked away to the left of spaceship earth, and even before you step inside, you will notice that the entrance is covered with a giant cement awning of sorts, making it a pretty great spot to cool off and get away from the crowds. There are also trash cans placed right outside as well, so if you wanted to stop for a snack break, or drink your Joffrey’s coffee without having to worry about sun, and a place to throw away your empty cup after, this is a great spot to consider. The line for Club Cool can sometimes get pretty long depending on the time of year you visit as well, which can extend outside (more on this later). So, having a shaded area to wait is a great bonus, considering we all know how Florida heat waves can be.

Free, Self Serve Soda!

Club cool soda
Image: Jessica Harrington

And I am not just talking about 1 small cup of your regular Coke or Diet Coke. Oh no. I am talking about 8 flavors of adventure, all at your very own fingertips, and as much to your heart's content. You walk up to one of several self-serve soda machines, pull a sample cup from the wall, and simply choose and drink away. Have 1, have 2, have all of them! All of the different flavors are written above each fountain, along with a description of not just what it is, but where it comes from. So, not only are you getting free drinks, but you are also getting a little history lesson too! Who doesn’t love a free adventure around the world?


Club cool shopping
Image: Jessica Harrington

Club Cool isn't just soda. It is a one stop shop, so if you are a Coca Cola fan or collector, this is the place for you. Here you can buy Coca Cola themed souvenirs including shirts, cups, dishes, and so much more. There is even a counter area where you can buy a soda float. If that wasn’t enough, right next door is the newly built, and massive, Creations Shop, filled with some of the best Disney themed merchandise inside Epcot.

Air Conditioning!

If you are looking for a place to cool off, then look no further than Club Cool. Even its tiny size (more on that below) can’t stop me from getting some free soda and a 10-15 minute break out of the Florida sun.

Well, that's the good, but how about the bad and the ugly...


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