Zadra is one of the latest brain children from Alan Schilke and Rocky Mountain Construction. This ride stands at the very first ground-up I-Box Track contraption from the American manufacturer, which made its name re-tracking and re-imagining wooden coasters past their time.

RMC is known for their intense, snappy, transitions and wildly-paced ride transitions. Though also focused on airtime and negative G-force, this ride is a stark contrast to Hyperion’s brand of coaster. While Hyperion is a ride of grand, sweeping elements and smooth transitions, Zadra is a monster of inversions, flips, and turns in every which way. They are two sides of the same thrill-packed experience.

Zadra’s open lift hill structure resembles that of Six Flags Great America’s Goliath and the upcoming Iron Gwazi, but don’t be fooled; Zadra is its own creation, original and trailblazing, especially for the European roller coaster world, which is desperately craving an RMC or two. 

Image: Energylandia 

Energylandia also boasts a fair share of flat rides, family coasters, and filler attractions that round out the park experience. Speed, for example, is a water coaster, the fastest in the world. Though its track style and layout is reminiscent of Mack Rides’ classic water coasters, this particular ride was manufactured by Intamin Amusement Rides. Also on the horizon is Vekoma Shockwave coaster Abyssus, which, if it stays true to the concept art, will be the most themed thrill ride at the park. These new-gen Vekoma launch coasters are a comeback story for another time, but will undoubtedly further cement this park in its bucket list acclaim.

But Wait. There's More.

Energylandia's exciting atmosphere
Image: Energylandia

This Polish park boasts more than just thrills. Within the less-than-90 acres of this park lies four theaters and an absolute deluge of restaurants and food kiosks. The theming, attention to detail, and cleanliness of this park sets it apart as a gold standard. The most thrilling part of this already thrilling park, however, is its potential. 

Most parks take years to establish a name like Energylandia has made for itself in less than seven years. Energylandia has entered the park scape with a resounding bang, an announcement, ride after ride and development after development, that it is something to talk about in the industry...and it isn't going anywhere. One has to wonder: if seven short years have yielded this much growth, what will the next seven years bring and the seven after that? What innovation, what trailblazing, will continue to rage through Southern Poland and this ambitious park? 

I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know that with each passing year, Energylandia proves itself as a definitive bucket list park. 


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