3. Predator

Image: IMDb

It’s reasonable to suggest that, as a character, Predator is far more adaptable to Disney Parks than his less agreeable alien foe, the Xenomorph. After all, anyone who’s visited comic conventions can testify that this extra-terrestrial hunter is among the most popular and incredibly convincing cosplay. And Disney could always opt for the ‘armored’ Predator; the more photogenic version that sees those hideous mandibles concealed behind a sleek helmet.

A fifth film is currently in the works, and though it will no doubt carry an R-rating, last-minute efforts were made in the 2018 movie to push the franchise into 'superhero' territory, with the introduction of the "Predator Killer" armor. We're not suggesting the alien warrior is the next Iron Man in the making, but that this somewhat anti-hero character may also be getting a makeover on screen might help make him more palatable where theme parks are concerned.

4. Independence Day

Image: IMDb

If you were lucky enough to experience the Armageddon-themed attraction at Disneyland Paris, you might agree that an even cheesier ‘90s sci-fi disaster would be welcome in a Disney theme park. And the aliens – those grey, beetle-eyed beings encased in large, organic, tentacle-wielding exoskeletons – weren’t that scary. Maybe a character greeting would see you observing the ETs in their Area 51 ‘tanks’, with Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson providing hair-raising narration, followed by a flight tutorial hosted by Will Smith’s wise-cracking Captain Hiller. While the 2016 sequel gave new meaning to the term ‘disaster movie’, the original 1996 film grossed over $817.4 million worldwide. Provided Disney plays down the global disaster element, having a resurgence of the franchise at the parks might be a smart move.

5. The X-Files

Image: IMDb

Known for its eerie investigations into extra-terrestrial activity, The X-Files might just work at a Disney Park, though it would be a far cry from the likes of Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios. A dark, spine-chilling walk-through more along the lines of The Walking Dead experience (now closed), could work, and would create an opportunity for a meet and greet with the show’s infamous lead duo, Mulder and Scully. Some repurposing would be required, though – The X-Files is hardly family-friendly like Men in Black, so if Disney does wish to bring this popular sci-fi hit into its parks, leaving the show's grizzlier content in its basement archives would be wise.

Whether Disney plans to introduce characters from its newly acquired properties into the parks or not remains to be seen. After all, some aren't as ‘park-ready’ like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Marvel were before they were purchased. One thing’s certain, though – with the likes of the super-violent, potty mouthed Deadpool now officially part of the MCU, anything is possible.


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