“Childlike, naive, and trusting,” air signs are filled with curiosity and wonder. They can be great communicators and tend to be highly intellectual. While Fire signs are high-energy and Earth signs are realistic, Air signs are big picture people who sometimes fail to see the details. Rather, they like to know how things work, observing patterns, analyzing, and thinking logically. Compared to the other signs, "Air" parks are sometimes criticized as cold and unfeeling, but are master communicators with refined, logical, and intelligent beauty.


Birth dates: May 21 – June 20

“Everyone is interesting to a Gemini.” In part, that’s because they love to learn, and to share what they learn. A Gemini doesn’t like being told what to think, but notices small details and then “zooms out” to draw connections. Geminis are often seen as social butterflies, their personalities borrowing from those they know.

A “jack of all trades, master of none,” Geminis are great mimics, seeking to be well-informed; they are bridge-builders, interpreters, messengers, and translators of good ideas

Image: Disney

There’s no park that fits this bill greater than Tokyo Disneyland, which literally was created by hand-selecting elements of both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. When we say Air signs observe patterns, analyze, and figure out how things work, we’re practically describing the process that went into planning the park, since one of the most sensational feats Tokyo Disneyland achieved was refining Disney standards based on the logistics and operations of crowd control. Tokyo Disneyland expertly mimicked what worked, then translated those good ideas (literally) to create an ideal form.


Birth dates: September 23 – October 22

Though Air signs tend to be intellectual and analytical, Libra has a unique internal conflict: it’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. That’s why Libras value relationships. They’re acutely aware of others and tend to measure themselves against others. Libras have a great desire to be liked. They shy away from any negative emotions and search for perfection. They naturally want to please everybody.

They can come off as too charming – almost two-faced – but Libras are genuinely looking for the good in everyone, and use relationships to escape the harshness of reality.

Image: Disney

There’s one Disney Park that manages to be both intellectual (mastering logistics, capacity, and master-planning) but also lovely and enchanting: Magic Kingdom. Sometimes accused of being the “corporate” version of its older sister, it might be kinder to simply see that as a classic Air sign – a masterclass on taking the haphazard invention of Disneyland and figuring out how it works, then applying those patterns to be perfectly pleasant and likeable. You can even argue that some imagine Magic Kingdom as “two-faced” – a corporate, capitalist symbol – even if they’d never accuse diminutive Disneyland of the same, but to our thinking, it’s a classic Libra trying to build relationships but with intellect and emotion in equal parts.


Birth dates: January 20 – February 18

The third and latest Air sign is Aquarius, represented by the water-bearer pouring out water (but, you’ll often see, not getting their own hands wet). That makes sense, because Aquarius is all about ideals. Having “zoomed out” from the details and analysis as we move through the Air signs, Aquarius is focused on the big picture. Balanced between Saturn (seeking structure) and Uranus (resisting structure), Aquarius is a sign that’s good with problem-solving, but tends to think rather than feel their way out of emotional problems that require the latter.

In that way, Aquarians don’t understand their own emotions and try to solve them with intellect, sometimes exhibiting flashes of genius the world isn’t ready for.

Image: Disney

The cool thing is, there’s an easy fit here: Disneyland Paris. The park skillfully balanced detail and “big picture” thinking and somehow struck a balance between adhering to the tried-and-true Disneyland formula while altogether reinventing it for European audiences. The result was flashes of brilliance (like the Modern Marvels: Phantom Manor and Space Mountain: De la Terre á la Lune) that went unnoticed. In an effort to recoup that, the park tried to think its way out of a problem that was much more emotional than logical: its rejection by the local culture. 

Think about it: Tokyo Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Paris are technically so similar. On paper, their ride lineups are nearly identical. And yet their personalities are so different. That’s what makes it feel appropriate that they’re all Air signs, but that they seem to evolve as they go from pure intellect, to emotional intelligence, and now to a sort of crescendo of creative genius; flashes of expression the world wasn’t ready for. And that leads us to the last element…


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