8. Oga’s Cantina

Image: Disney

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios)

In the lead-up to the 2019 opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, fans eagerly debated what the dining options in the land may be like. Smartly, Disney opted for a high-capacity, quick service restaurant (Docking Bay 7) selling quasi-alien-but-recognizably-American staples as the main course. But they also created a highly sought-after experience drawn straight from the films: a “wretch hive of scum and villainy,” Oga’s Cantina.

Image: Disney

While narratively it’s not the thief-infested cantina on Mos Eisley seen in A New Hope, the Batuu version does its best to maintain the atmosphere of a raucous interstellar bar alight with toe-tapping music (in this case, delivered by a beloved Imagineering-original character making a hilarious “Easter egg” cameo). Though fans initially resisted the Cantina breaking Walt’s 60-year anti-alcohol precedent at Disneyland, Oga’s Cantina is one of the hottest tickets in town.

Image: Disney

Menu Must-try: Unlike most bars, Oga offers breakfast concoctions that are out-of-this-world, like the Spiran Caf (hot coffee, rum, whipped cream, and a dollop of orange marmalade creme) or the non-alcoholic Moogan Tea (unsweetened tea with chocolate milk, vanilla, and cinnamon). The rest of the day, fans clamor for the Bespin Fizz (Bacardí rum, yuzu purée, pomegranate and white cranberry juices, and a cloud swirl with a smoking dry ice effect). The popular Blue Bantha is the land’s unique Blue Milk served with a cookie, but costs $5 more than the cookie-less Milk Stand version.

9. Fast Food Blvd.

Image: Universal

Location: Springfield - Home of the Simpsons (at Universal Studios Florida)

Born of the same bare-minimum “backlot” aesthetic and the now-tired “behind the scenes” philosophy of the late ‘80s, it’s no surprise that both Disney and Universal’s “studio” themed parks have been gifted blockbuster lands as of late. Though Diagon Alley remains the anchor of Universal Studios Florida, a similarly compelling transformation took place around the existing Simpsons Ride and its comical Krustyland exterior.

Image: Universal

A pretty total transformation of the park’s World Expo land (which had made great sense back when the Lost Legend: Back to the Future - The Ride was its centerpiece), the new land isn’t quite as immersive as the Wizarding World, but effectively brings to life the colorful cartoon town with all the props and pranks you’d expect. In any case, the real highlight of Springfield was the opportunity to taste staples of the Simpsons world, each more humorous and Instagrammable than the last. 

Image: Universal

Menu Must-try: The waterfront Duff Brewery lets guests sip Homer’s favorite drink (brewed exclusively for Universal) in a comical beer garden; the iconic Lard Lad Donuts serves the unforgettable, face-sized Big Pink Donut; Krustyburger serves not only its ⅓ pound namesake, but the ⅔ pound “Clogger Burger” with Kurly Fries (above); but of course, the “Three Broomsticks” equivalent for Simpsons fans must be Moe’s Tavern, Springfield’s only pub. There you can try Duff Beer, Buzz Cola, or the land’s signature drink, the non-alcoholic Flaming Moe (complete with dry ice steam). 

10. Pym Test Kitchen

Image: Disney

Location: Avengers Campus (at Disney California Adventure)

When Disney announced that a land themed to the generation-defining Marvel Cinematic Universe would soon begin recruiting the next generation of heroes at Disney California Adventure, fans wondered aloud how Disney would replicate the essential elements of the Wizarding World model (namely, in-universe dining and shopping) when neither dining nor shopping really happened in any of the first 23 films… Uh oh.

Image: Disney

Naturally, Imagineers found a solution. In terms of shopping, the starring sidekick Spider-Bots featured on the Spider-Man themed Web Slingers attraction will feature prominently in the land’s W.E.B. Suppliers gift shop, providing all manner of hero equipment. As for dining? Yep. Disney cracked the case. The Pym Test Kitchen is a converted laboratory where “research chefs” have been fiddling with Pym particles (responsible for Ant-Man’s miniaturization and growth) to create heroic new dishes for would-be heroes. (Cleverly, the rear of California Adventure's Animation Building will be disguised in plain sight by being painted white and marked as Pym's main laboratory, with the Test Kitchen merely being a guest-friendly front.)

Image: Disney

Menu Must-try: The menu at Pym’s somehow strikes all the right chords. It’s decidedly Ant-Man in its humor while also being entirely Instagrammable and unique. Guests will watch “regular” pretzels pass through a quantum field, emerging as giant soft pretzels; a giant Impossible meatless meatball served in a giant spoon (with a tiny fork to eat with), and the piece de resistance: the Not-So-Little Chicken Sandwich, with a giant chicken patty and a shrunken bun.


Image: Disney

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Incredibly fun article, thanks for taking me there and reminding me of so many amazing meals I've had over the years!

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