Haunted Mansion

Image: Disney

Ordinarily, people describe the scent of death to paint a picture of something horrible. Somehow, Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride goes the other way entirely. This attraction’s unique fragrance is smooth and vaguely floral in nature. Then again, it’s not the only scent that the ride employs, at least at Disneyland. For the holiday overlay, the ballroom scene includes gingerbread to bring it parallel with the accompanying house that cast members build every year.

Main Street, U.S.A. Bakery

Image: Disney

The next two selections would earn a spot on anybody’s list. Everyone knows that entering Magic Kingdom or Disneyland comes with an excellent perk. The moment that you walk into the park, you get a whiff of delicious-smelling baked goods. These are pastries you can buy, presuming that you can’t resist temptation. In my experience, I can be strong enough to walk past the sweets shops two or three times. If I have to cross this path any more, I’m gonna drop a few bucks on something calorific.

Polynesian lobby

Image: Disney

If I earn a spot in The Good Place, I can assure you of one thing. Everything there will smell like the lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The official name for this fragrance is Hibiscus Passion, and it’s the greatest scent in existence. Period.


Image: Disney

I’ll always hold a soft spot in my heart for Soarin’ Over California. Still, I immediately warmed to Soarin’ Around the World, which features several locales with unforgettable scents. No, there’s not an orange grove anymore, which sucks. But the Taj Majal fragrance soothes my soul. I also adore the beach and have grown to enjoy the dissonance of the grass scent. Of course, what I love about it is Disney’s dirty secret. The same two smells play a part in similar scenes on Avatar Flight of Passage! Yes, what works on Pandora also does on Earth!

Spaceship Earth

Image: Disney

Poor Rome. Once upon a time, the city embodied the upper crust of civilization. All roads led to Rome, according to the maxim. Then, a crazy ruler ran the place into the ground, and the city fell. One of the most significant moments from this age happened in 64 A.D., when the chariot stadium burned for nearly 10 days.

The current version of Spaceship Earth tells the story of the Fall of Rome. This scene shows the city ablaze, and Disney has piped in the smell of burning embers to accentuate the effect. I love this fragrance so much that I buy candles that recreate it. And I’m going to be heartbroken if Disney removes this scene from the renovated Spaceship Earth coming in a couple of years.  

Splash Mountain

Image: Disney

Really, I could mention any of Disney’s water rides for this one. The company does something unusual to clean its water. Rather than employing Chlorine to eliminate the germs, cast members use Bromine. It’s a more efficient means of purifying water. You won’t find it at your local pool because it costs more.

Disney spends the extra money to ensure the safety of guests. The Bromine comes with a distinctive chemical aroma that’s somehow refreshing thanks to deft Imagineering tricks. Pirates of the Caribbean probably has the best smelling water, but I prefer Splash Mountain since I have the fondest memories riding it. Everything about Splash Mountain makes me happy, especially the perfumed water.


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