Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Image: DisneyHow well do you know your friends? I'm sure that your first instinct was to say that you know them almost as well as you know yourself. But have you ever pulled off a heist with them? Until you commit a crime with a friend, you'll never truly understand how they tick, how well they hold up under pressure.

That’s what I love about Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. You’re entering the cockpit of the fastest starship in the galaxy, and you’re going in search of Coaxium…Coaxium that isn’t yours. You need to trust that every member of your crew is reliable. Otherwise, Hondo Ohnaka, a powerful criminal, may send some nefarious individuals to, *ahem*, settle you. 

Alternately, you could find yourself in a Suicide Squad scenario. You’ll get thrust into the cockpit alongside a bunch of strangers, all of whom are forced to do a job with you. Since you don’t know them, the cockpit becomes a chaotic exercise as anonymous individuals work together to earn Ohnaka’s gratitude.

Simply stated, you never know what will happen when you board the Millennium Falcon. And that’s why the experience is sublime.

Splash Mountain

Image: DisneyA few attractions are random by design. While Omnimover rides control all aspects of the experience, most boat rides are off the rails, so to speak. Sure, they have a guided path that prevents the boat from wandering into unwelcome regions, but the motion of the vessel remains unpredictable.

In the case of Splash Mountain, you know that you will eventually splash down the mountain. You just don’t know whether you will get soaked or not. A lot of independent factors come into play, especially the weight distribution of the people on the boat and your location at the time. This element of mystery has kept the euphoria of Splash Mountain alive for generations now, and it will continue for the foreseeable future, too.

Star Tours

Image: DisneyOut of the attractions listed here, Star Tours is the one with a design explicitly intended to maximize repeat value. Imagineers compartmentalized the ride experience into four main sections, and each one is variable.

At the start of Star Tours, you could encounter any of four different Star Wars villains such as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, or Storm Troopers. Next, you'll travel to some random location like Hoth or Jakku. Afterward, a trusted Star Wars character will act as an emissary, relaying information about safety coordinates at one of four designations. You'll travel to that place and attempt to survive the most reckless star tour ever. 

In theory, Star Tours includes 384 possible ride experiences at the time of publication. Practically, the number is lower, as you’ll encounter a maximum of six unique segments for each part of the story. Still, you never quite know what will happen next, and it’s entertaining to speculate on what will come next. Plus, Disney updates the ride each time a new Star Wars movie comes out, guaranteeing that it’s always fresh and current.


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