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Behind the Ride: Living with the Land

The experience: tasting the ingredients that you see on the ride

The trick: creating more than 150 sustainable food ingredients

Image: DisneyWhile you could never count them all unless you worked there, the Living Laboratory hosts more than 150 hydroponically-grown food crops from all sections of the planet. Imagineers have transplanted this many kinds of foods from around the world. Then, cast members have dutifully irrigated and pruned natural habitats for them, allowing the florae to grow in droves.

Eventually, these kinds of food are sustainable enough that Disney has monetized them. These agricultural wonders become the ingredients in meals served at The Land’s restaurants, Garden Grill Restaurant and Sunshine Seasons. Some of the flavors also became components in dishes served at the various Epcot festivals hosted at the park.

Image: DisneyHowever, Disney has larger aspirations with Living with the Land. The scientific work performed here is part of a noble goal. The company seeks to stamp out world hunger by developing agricultural practices that are adaptable across all environments. Feasibly, residents in Antarctica could eat food comprised of ingredients from deserts…without importing them!

Living with the Land is quite possibly the most important agricultural facility in the south. And you can visit anytime simply by purchasing a ticket to Epcot. Of course, those of you who want to learn more about the intricate scientific procedures in progress at Living with the Land shouldn’t stop there.

You should visit the Behind the Seeds Tour, which will allow you to explore otherwise inaccessible parts of the greenhouse. It’s the best way to understand what a remarkable achievement Living with the Land is. I’m confident that out of everything at Epcot, this attraction would be nearest and dearest to Walt Disney’s heart.

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