Image: Dakota Gardner

Look, you’re on vacation. It’s one thing to make sure you eat healthy, visit the gym, and get those steps in when you’re living your daily life. But at Walt Disney World — the Vacation Kingdom! — it’s time to put away the fitness tracker and be a little guilty. 

To put some perspective on it, most guests will walk nearly five miles in total during a day in the parks. On the day I hopped between all four parks, I wound up walking a total of 32,786 steps, or 17.3 miles. All of this is to say, you’ve earned the right to eat some delicious sweets, right?

And, lucky for anyone with a sweet tooth, Walt Disney World is one of the best places in the world to get amazing desserts. But, some sit heavier than others, some are more elaborate than others, and some simply aren’t substantial enough to really gave you that post-park pick-me-up.

What follows are the best desserts to have after a day exploring Disney’s parks, and which don’t require a special reservation or park admission to enjoy. 

Ice Cream Flight — Ample Hills Creamery

 Dakota Gardner

Image: Dakota Gardner

I live in New York City and work exactly one block from an Ample Hills Creamery scoop shop. I have this ice cream regularly, both during particularly stressful work days and at home, while sitting on the couch watching TV. And yet, every time I go to Walt Disney World, I still make a special trip to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort in order to stop in to the Ample Hills Creamery on site.

That’s how good it is! With amazingly-inventive flavors, deliciously creamy ice cream, and a playful and relaxing atmosphere, Ample Hills serves what is plainly and clearly the best ice cream on Disney property. 

With so many flavors to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one — especially when the shop makes a special flavor specifically for the Boardwalk location, which cannot be purchased anywhere else. For those who want it all, or those who simply can’t decide, Ample Hills offers a charming “ice cream flight,” letting you enjoy six flavors on one tray.

I recommend PB Wins the Cup, but you really can’t go wrong with anything.  

Mini Mickey Sink — Beaches and Cream


Image: Disney

Beaches and Cream, itself, is an iconic Disney’s Beach Club eatery offering traditional American foods and fantastic ice cream sundaes. It’s signature item is called the Kitchen Sink, a massive sundae featuring nearly every ice cream flavor and topping in the store and big enough to serve four guests. To top it all off, it comes in a massive Kitchen Sink-themed bowl.

Unfortunately, the Kitchen Sink is only available on the sit-down menu at Beaches and Cream. That means, if you don’t have a reservation, you’re out of luck.

But, never ones to leave a dollar in your wallet, Disney also offers a to-go window at Beaches and Cream — serving delicious goodness to anyone walking by, even if they didn’t snag a clutch reservation. And, that to-go window includes a scaled-down version of the Kitchen Sink called the Mini Mickey Sink.

The Mini Mickey Sink also comes in a ridiculous bowl, but this one is a souvenir. Additionally, it includes a smaller selection of ice creams — vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry — and a slightly smaller heap of toppings. Still, it’s a massive sundae and probably too much for just one person. That is, unless you park hoppped that day — in which case, you may want to order two.


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