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Best Hidden Shops To Find Ultra-Exclusive Disney Merchandise

Image: Dakota Gardner

For guests who stay on-property at Walt Disney World, there’s a bit of territoriality that comes with choosing a resort hotel. While all Disney hotels are definitely magical, we each have one that stands out above the others in our mind. There’s always one that features prominently in our mental image when someone says the phrase, “Disney vacation.”

As such, we always want to represent for our favorite resorts, even when we’re not on Disney property. That’s where resort-specific merchandise comes in.

For decades, Disney did an amazing job at selling bits of collectible ephemera that prominently featured unique designs for each of their resorts. Then, following the financial crises of 2001 and later 2008, the company opted to cut back on hotel souvenirs in favor of more generic offerings.

Fans complained, revenue was lost, and Disney eventually realized that guests were clamoring to give the company more money if only they could have the opportunity to do so. And so, here we are today, in the Resort-Specific Merchandise Renaissance.

If you’re looking for a resort that has incredible souvenirs unique all to itself, here are the four best spots to check out. 

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

 hyku, Flickr (license)

Image: hyku, Flickr (license)

Themed to the classic beach boardwalks of the Atlantic coast, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is one of the most beautiful and transporting places on Disney property. The entire resort is filled with unique art, gorgeous design touches, and intricate theming — all meant to take you back to a time of simple family entertainment and leisure.

Down on the Boardwalk itself, Thimbles and Threads serves as the hotel’s gift shop — offering the traditional dated T-shirts, Mickey Mouse plushies, and Disney-themed suitcases. But, mixed in with the basic goods, you can also find a wonderful selection of items themed specifically to the Boardwalk Resort.

Shirts featuring the hotel’s classic postcard-style wordmark are available for purchase, as well as more stylized depictions — such as Mickey and Minnie riding one of the hotel’s now-iconic surrey bikes around crescent lake. 

Mugs designed to look like postcards, pins with classic carnival poster-style renderings of the Fab Five, keychains with the primary logo — these items are all available, and all are unique to this special resort.

And, if all else fails, you could get a T-shirt from the amazing Ample Hills Creamery just a few doors down. 

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