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The 6 Stores at Disney Springs Actually WORTH Your Time

Disney’s Pin Traders

 kungaloosh, Flickr (license)

Image: kungaloosh, Flickr (license)

Disney’s trading pin collectibles are almost a tiny economy unto themselves. Every cast member carries some, new ones come out all the time, and there are even mysterious secret pins that come in opaque wrappers. There are pins representing nearly every attraction, resort, and even transportation options. 

If you walked by a pin at any point on your trip and thought, “eh, I don’t need this,” but then later regretted your impulse non-buy, Disney’s Pin Traders at Disney Springs is a decent last resort. They have an enormous collection of pins and mystery packs available, at all price points.

Whether you want a starting pack to get going at the beginning of your vacation or you’re looking for that one perfect pin to complete your collection, this store is delightful to peruse. And, if you aren’t into pins, there’s luggage, keychains, and even MagicBands for sale here as well.

Disney Style


Image: Disney

Disney Style was clearly designed to be Millennials-focused and Instagram-friendly. To some, that might sound like a condescending turnoff, but in reality, the shop captures a lot of what Disney fans love about the parks in a kind of Etsy-inspired aesthetic.

Shirts with Disney-specific slogans, ride-inspired designs, and clever photo opportunities make the shop fun to explore, and offer guests who feel left-out buy the other kinds of Disney merch something to latch onto.

Spirit jerseys, Disney Bounding-style outfits, and clever wordplay are the cornerstones of Disney Style. And, to top it all off, the designs are much brighter and more fashion-forward than a lot of other Disney merch.

In all, Disney Style is the perfect store for the aspiring Disney-influencer — but if that phrase makes you roll your eyes, you should probably stay away. 

World of Disney

 ryaninc, Flickr (license)

Image: ryaninc, Flickr (license)

If you were looking for the experience of Black Friday shopping 365 days a year, World of Disney is your dream store. 

Yes, it’s stressful, but the reality is that World of Disney is Mecca for Disney fans, and for that reason, no trip to Disney Springs would be complete without it. The store has nearly every single item on sale at Walt Disney World, from park-specific mugs to chocolate covered pretzels to Captain Marvel jackets. If you can picture it in your head, World of Disney sells it.

Recently refurbished, the store abandoned its separate-rooms concept and pushed for an open-concept free-for-all. The result was far less cramped, but no less crowded — making it easier to find what you’re looking for, but much harder to leave without becoming distracted by another section.

Thankfully, those crowds don’t overwhelm the check-out counters, meaning it’s not too hard to find what you want, pay for it, and leave the store. The only problem: Because it’s so easy, you might find that the final total on that receipt just keeps going up, up, and up.

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