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8 Serious Concerns That Stress Theme Park Visitors Out


Image: DisneyI'm not going to link you to a list of horrifying injuries that have occurred at theme parks. You can google them if you're interested, but the precise list is irrelevant. You can get injured anywhere, which is why worker's compensation is a thing.

At a theme park, your odds go up a bit due to the large crowds and aggressively designed attractions. Disney is as safety-first as any company on the planet, but they can't protect you from everything. In fact, I know several people who have suffered mild injuries over the years.

A recent example is when I met another couple for lunch the day before they left for Walt Disney World. They were frequent Disney guests, and he was a doctor. I gave them a few tips to maximize their vacation.

When they returned, I asked how the trip had gone. The man relayed to me that he had broken a rib at a Disney water park. He had become dislodged from a water tube and suffered the injury. As a doctor, he immediately knew what had happened.

His misfortune demonstrates that even safe attractions like water tubes aren't 100-percent foolproof. Guests innately understand this and always worry about injuries on at least a subconscious level.

Other Weather

Image: DisneyWhile hurricanes are a serious aggravation, Disney's American theme parks come with other annoyances. At Disneyland, the situation isn't quite as grave, but the parks frequently have temperatures in the 80s or 90s. At Walt Disney World, those temperatures can and do reach triple digits. With humidity.

I recently spent 12 days at Walt Disney World; on 10 (!) of those days, the afternoon temperature was over 100 degrees. During a vacation, you don't want to feel like you're remaking Lawrence of Arabia. You know what's not fun? Thinking about hydration while trying to stave off heatstroke.

Then, there's the sudden rainstorm. Predicting the weather in Orlando is like calling ‘tails' on a coin flip. You know that it will rain at some point just like you know that the coin will show tails. You just can't say when it'll happen.

Image: DisneyOne of the worst feelings at Walt Disney World is getting caught without a rain slicker or umbrella. You'll get drenched in a matter of seconds during one of Orlando's stunning torrential downpours. And you may need to stick your phone in a bag of rice unless you remember to protect it when the rain strikes.

At Disneyland, you won't stress about rain very often. However, you may suffer through the occasional cold spell. I once packed like an idiot for a December trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. When I got there, I realized that I needed to buy some pants. All of the shorts I packed were idiotic. The place is right by the water and receives a nightly ocean breeze. It can get chilly, folks.

All of these aggravations are primarily small, but you should definitely check the weather before a Disney trip.

Transportation Issues

Image: DisneyDid you know that Disney buses can wreck? You shouldn't feel any safer about monorails, either. Walt Disney World has experienced a slew of recent negative headlines stemming from transportation issues.

When theme park tourists hear about these sorts of hassles, they can't help but worry that they'll be next. To Disney's credit, they've recently revamped some of the monorails and buses, providing necessary renovations to modernize the vehicles.

Even after these updates, however, the current monorail fleet remains flawed. It's easily the oldest fleet in the history of Disney monorails. Also, the tracks aren't in the best shape, either.

As for the buses, Walt Disney World's broken attendance records for consecutive years now. All of those people need a ride. It leads to more traffic congestion than ever before. While the Disney Skyliner solves some of the problems, people will continue to worry about transportation until self-driving vehicles arrive.

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