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Wondering Where Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Might Take Us Next?

2. Holonet missions

Galaxy's Edge App

Image: Disney

Disney has already dipped a toe into giving guests the opportunity to try some in-world missions in Galaxy’s Edge with new features in the Play Disney app. This new experience turns every guest’s smartphone into a datapad that can hack terminals, tune into Resistance and First Order frequencies, scan cargo crates, or easily translate Aurebesh. It doesn’t seem implausible that this or basic Magic Band technology could be used to facilitate further missions in Galaxy’s Edge.

We’ve talked before about how the design of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge seems to hold a lot of similarities to MMORPG video games. Holonet mission terminals have been a thing in almost every Star Wars open-world game, a way for players to pick up odd jobs and make a few credits. This sort of “side quest” mini-attraction wouldn’t be particularly new to Disney. Most of the parks have some sort of scavenger hunt for kids, but Disney has done some pretty cool things adding their special brand of hands-on magic to amplify this concept with quest attractions like Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom or even the Leonardo Challenge in Fortress Explorations at Tokyo DisneySea.

The possibilities are endless. In one scenario, guests could pick up a series of mini missions to gather intelligence for the Resistance (or the First Order if you serve the Dark Side) and deliver their finds to drop points in the land. In another, maybe you have to track down some gizka or porgs that escaped one of Hondo’s ships and are multiplying like rabbits (sounds a lot like Pokemon Go!). Disney could even put together something of an ethical bounty-hunt where guests track clues to help local authorities locate a rogue droid or dangerous (but not-too-scary) criminal. Sounds like fun with less lines!

3. Spontaneous battles

Captain Phasma looking glorious

One of the most exciting things about entering a super-immersive land like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is you never know what to expect. While we don’t know yet what Disney has planned as far as street entertainment for Galaxy's Edge, how cool would it be if upcoming “shows” in the Black Spire Outpost involved spontaneous skirmishes between the Resistance and the First Order? Disney has already displayed some aptitude for this sort of mini-stunt show with the Jedi Academy Training show near Star Tours.

Spontaneous skirmishes could make for a very neat approach to the classic stunt show concept, and we’ve already seen that street-mosphere shows like this are well received in Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the random stormtrooper patrols outside of Star Wars Launch Bay as well as the oh-so-cool March of the First Order. This concept wouldn’t need to be limited to bouts between the First Order and Resistance either. We already know bounty hunters might be prowling the streets of this new land, and Batuu seems to have a well-established smuggling scene. This could make for some great spontaneous mini-battles as well.

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