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The 8 Most Iconic Signs You’ll See on the Way to Walt Disney World

First Purple Road Sign


And then, for first timers, there’s the biggest surprise at all: The road signs are different! Yes, there’s truly nothing quite as reassuring as the feeling of seeing those purple road signs. 

Disney loves reminding you that you’re in the bubble it has created for you, even as the goal of that bubble is to remain as invisible as possible. There are few examples of this tension that work quite as well as the purple road signs. You’re able to use them to navigate, yes, but they look friendly and special — highly unlike the real world.

It’s small touches like this that make Disney what it is, and that remind you that you’ve finally arrived in the Vacation Kingdom.

Tower of Terror Billboard

 hyku, Flickr (license)

Image: hyku, Flickr (license)

For over 20 years, guests driving into Walt Disney World have been greeted with an intermittently-moving custom-built advertisement for the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. Located in the middle of a highway median on one of Walt Disney World’s main arteries, this 3D sign has somehow stood the test of time and lasted longer than many attractions themselves.

It is also one of those small things that lets you know exactly where you are. It builds hype, it reminds you of your childhood, and it seemingly never changes. It’s everything that makes a Disney vacation great, rolled into one silly sign. 

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