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Here's What Disney Should Learn from the Best Disney Park


Disney’s admittedly been better about this issue in recent months and years, but they simply cannot match Tokyo Disneyland in terms of sustained commitment to improvement. In Tokyo, you’ll find two of the most immersive theme parks ever built, and the company’s respect is so strong locally that people assumed for years that they’d add a third gate one day soon.

Due to the surveying and urban planning that they did, The Oriental Land Company chose to go a different way. They’re adding to Tokyo DisneySea rather than constructing a new gate. This project isn’t a minor one like Toy Story Land, though. The company committed $4.5 billion to renovations from 2014 through 2024. Yes, they promised to add $450 million in new stuff on an annual basis for a decade!

That’s not even the most impressive part. During 2018, they committed to an eighth Tokyo DisneySea port by 2022. It will feature rides based on Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. Also, a much-needed official Disney resort will be a part of this plan, an imperative since the current hotels operate near capacity on a daily basis. This expansion alone will cost $2.3 billion.

Image: The Oriental Land Company

The Oriental Land Company’s splashing around cash like a theme park tourist on a Disney vacation. While Disney has reciprocated in recent years with upgrades at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney California Adventure, and with Star Wars Land, the harsh reality is that they’ve fallen way behind their peers in terms of park re-investment.

Even now, promised updates for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World like a new theater building and parade have either been canceled or on life support. Disney needs to commit to a better theme park experience in future years. Otherwise, this perception will remain that The Oriental Land Company beats The Walt Disney Company at its own game.

Image: The Oriental Land Company

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