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Should Non-Star Wars Fans Care About the Opening of Galaxy's Edge? We think so...

4. Experiencing a story and culture that isn’t your own

Legacy lightsabers from Dok Ondar's Shop

Image: Disney

Even if you aren’t visiting Galaxy’s Edge with a die-hard Star Wars fan, there is something very interesting about stepping back and observing a fandom that isn’t your own. You can become a fly on the wall, learning about the lore, culture, and intricacies of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from a lens that isn’t tainted by connection to the films. Indeed, it might even make for a unique experience fans wouldn’t understand.

Star Wars fans are a passionate group. The insane backlash surrounding The Last Jedi proved that. It was a film as polarizing as that silly dress that no one could identify the color of. Half of the fans were delighted with the film and the other half are still railing to see it stricken from the canon. Star Wars has become an interesting backbone in cinema and storytelling culture, and it’s easy to form attachments that stir deep emotions. When expectations related to those attachments go unmet, fans get frustrated.

Casual fans and even non-Star Wars fans will have a unique lens to enjoy Galaxy’s Edge through. You won’t arrive with any of that baggage. Instead, you’ll be able to view the land for what it is—a unique achievement of Imagineering and science fantasy storytelling that guests can experience hands on. You can explore the shops, taste the food, fiddle with the Play Disney app, and follow the stories told with fresh eyes. You may miss some of the Easter eggs that leave fans giggling for glee, but you will still be able to enjoy the depth designed into this remarkable theme park land, and perhaps even learn a little bit about a fan culture that you aren’t personally connected with.

Should non-Star Wars fans care about the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge? We think so. Visitors who avoid Galaxy’s Edge will still feel the effects of the opening of this hugely-anticipated land. More so, however, we think that the past success of the World of Pandora and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter proves that you don’t have to enjoy a franchise to enjoy an immersive land connected to it. For non-fans who give Galaxy’s Edge a try, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised.

How do you feel about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge? Are you a fan or non-fan?

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