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Here's How to Unglue Yourself From Your Smartphone at Walt Disney World

6. Choose souvenirs with a story

Kids with baby banshees at Windtraders

Image: Disney

Too often, adults assume that kids get as excited about sippy cups and socks as we do. While many sweet kids are still grateful for these gifts, if you really want to have some fun playing pretend with your kids, choose souvenirs that encourage this sort of fun! Autograph books and stuffed animals are great, but don’t be afraid to take your kids to hunt for cool souvenirs that facilitate playing pretend.

Some shops at Disney really shine at this. The shop outside of Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom is a great example. World Showcase is full of extra-cool souvenirs for kids who want to play pretend, especially in Mitsukoshi (in the Japan pavilion), as well as the Norway and Germany pavilions (even as an adult, I seriously would buy those toy swords and shields!). Windtraders offers the most immersive souvenir experience so far with the “Banshee-pairing” experience in the World of Pandora, as well as tons of souvenirs that look like they belong in world.

Star Wars fans have the most to look forward to in this area. Kids can already create their own lightsaber or droid at Tatooine Traders, but when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, not only will all the souvenirs and toys be designed to belong in world—kids will even be able to participate in an experience where they are chosen by a secret society of scavengers to build their own lightsaber! These will be a significant upgrade from the current build-your-own saber models. Now that’s some fun fuel for playing pretend!

7. Have an adventure

 Trials of the Temple - Kids with lightsabers

Image: Disney

Once you start playing pretend with your kids, every stop in Walt Disney World can become an adventure. However, there are some really standout experiences that Disney has made available that can give you some help keeping the fun going.

Magic Kingdom has two scavenger hunts currently where kids and adults can go on an interactive mini-adventure through the park—Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and A Pirate’s Adventure—Treasures of the Seven Seas. These ultra-interactive hunts are like attractions in and of themselves, and kids with a bug to explore love them! Similarly, Epcot has special scavenger hunts for each of its festivals, as well as Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. For a more easy-going experience, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has the Wilderness Explorers quests. While the Magic Kingdom adventures really stand out in the Disney magic department, all of these can provide plenty of opportunities to play pretend while you hunt for clues together!

Along with scavenger hunts, don’t miss some of Disney’s best entertainment experiences for playing pretend, like Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, the March of the First Order, and Turtle Talk with Crush. For an extra-special adventure, consider some of Disney’s upcharge experiences for an exclusive adventure like a Pirate Adventure Cruise.

The sky is the limit when it comes to playing pretend with your kids at Walt Disney World. The most important element? Have fun!

How do you play pretend with your kids at Walt Disney World?

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