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Will Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge RUIN DVC as We Know it?

Are you noticing an uptick in interest as the release of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge approaches?

Image: DisneyKristen Tutas: I’ve not noticed an uptick in sales related to Star Wars land. Owners and potential buyers are excited for the new addition, but most are planning to avoid the opening months and wait to visit in 2020 when it slows down some.

Rachel Thompson: I haven't noticed much of a change as of yet; however, there are a lot of big Star Wars fans who are sure to be excited to come visit.  I think once the venues open we will really be able to tell if this is influencing more sales. 

Image: DisneyMelissa Mullett: It's no secret that the Star Wars franchise has always had a very devoted fan base, and we believe the Galaxy's Edge addition is no different. We began to see guest inquiries, particularly about prospective opening dates, very quickly in the aftermath of the initial announcements. As more information has been released, we have seen a steady increase in both discussion and excitement, which we think really shows how hungry both Disney and Star Wars fans are for this new addition to the parks. With the amount of momentum and enthusiasm we have been seeing, we don't foresee it slowing any time soon. If there is one thing that Disney knows how to do, it is build anticipation.

Image: DisneyNick Cotton: A great amount of buzz for Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been around since the lands were announced in 2015.  Whether or not you are a Star War’s fan, this is a big deal as it is going to bring new E-ticket attractions and what should be a greatly themed land to both coasts. 

For the last couple of years, we have seen a general uptick in excitement with all the new attractions and other additions coming to Disney World on the eve of the 50th anniversary. I don’t think we will necessarily see a noticeable uptick solely attributed to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until perhaps the Disneyland location opens or gets really close to opening in the summer and reviews of the attractions and quality of the themed land come out. Of course, the Disney marketing machine is in full swing promoting it with pictures and video of the final product.

On a personal level, what excites you the most about Star Wars Land?

Image: DisneyMelissa Mullett: A rather unique thing about Galaxy's Edge is the diverse appeal of the Star Wars franchise. The new films have brought with them a new wave of Star Wars fans and as a result, it has really become a multi-generational interest. It is exciting to see content that can have an almost universal appeal (no pun intended!). In our opinion, Galaxy's Edge is a great opportunity to create a space where parents and children alike can relive a part of their childhood and that is something quite special.

Another thing to consider is the great strides Disney has made in terms of technology. We can see from the enduring popularity of rides like Pandora's Flight of Passage that Disney can create fantastic, immersive experiences. Pairing that kind of innovation with such a rich narrative and visuals really seems like a set-up for success. It will be very exciting to see how exactly Disney plans to transport us to that galaxy far, far away.

Nick Cotton: One of my earliest memories of life is watching Episode IV – A New Hope with my father.  The epic space opera was way ahead of its time and blew me away. 

I think the overall immersion of being in a land and even resort where you are turning a childhood fantasy into an adult reality is amazing (kind of what Disney always does).   And possibly even more exciting is sharing an experience like that with my one-year-old son and four year-old-daughter, as this may be the springboard that gets them interested in the franchise that captured their father’s imagination when he was a kid.  I’m sure Disney is counting on that happening to a lot of families ;)

Image: DisneyKristen Tutas: I wouldn’t call myself a “huge” Star Wars fan, but I am really excited to experience it. It will be nice to have more attractions at Hollywood Studios to hopefully spread out the crowds amongst all four theme parks. 

Rachel Thompson: I have two kids who are absolutely thrilled about this addition to Hollywood Studios.  Keeping them out of the gift shops will be the hardest part for me!  I am looking forward to riding in the Millennium Falcon and experiencing the Rise of the Resistance!  I will probably wait a while to go see these attractions, though.  I can't imagine what the crowds will be like the first several months.  

Author's notes: The participants in this roundtable have been offering their thoughts, advice, and input on DVC matters for more than three years now. When one of them sent a couple of personal pictures of his family at Walt Disney World, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to show some of the people you've been reading for years in their natural environment: having fun at Disney theme parks!

I also want to pass along my wishes for a speedy recovery to Paul Little of DVC Rental Store. He has participated in all previous roundtables but had an unfortunate gym accident that prevented him from offering his thoughts this time.

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