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DVC Members Might Want to Pass on the Riviera. Here's Why.

What do you think of the Tower Studio as a DVC room type? Do you expect it to prove popular?

Image: DisneyMelissa Mullett: I think that the Tower Studio as a DVC room type is really exciting and innovative. It seems like a unique use of space in order to maximize the number of rooms that the resort can offer. Also, when my husband and I travel to Disney, very little time is spent in the room. We are always out exploring, so for the purpose of an adult only trip, this would be ideal. Although the pricing isn’t as compact as the rooms, after reading all of the gossip and news about this resort, such as the exclusive character dining experience, rooftop dining, elegance, and architecture, it definitely has my interest peaked, and it’s still affordable. I do expect this room type to be popular among adults traveling without children.

Nick Cotton: For the right guests, perhaps just a couple, especially those who tend to be heavy park goers and less concerned with their accommodations, it can be a great option.

If the points for this studio are 33% less or greater than the typical studio on points like the cash rate that has already been released, then yes, it will probably be a popular option.  DVC Members have already shown a willingness to book a lesser accommodation if the points savings is there.  For example, the Value Rooms at Animal Kingdom are very popular and get booked quickly.

Image: DisneyKristen Tutas: I think it will be a nice option for fewer points but will most likely be like the Animal Kingdom Value rooms, which are very hard to book and fill up quickly. You will probably need to own there and book 11 months out to secure those rooms. 

Rachel Thompson: I agree with Kristen.  Having the option of a room that uses fewer points is a big draw for people and will likely book up at the 11 month window.  

What’s your perspective on the canceled Downtown Disney resort project and the DVC room crunch at Disneyland? What would you suggest that Disney do to address the problem?

Image: DisneyNick Cotton: Overall, as a fan of Disney and visiting Disneyland, it is sad.  You want such a great place to continue to grow and thrive, and when it gets halted over politics, it is frustrating not only for Disney but also to the Disney fan base that visits Anaheim.  Perhaps this has been a positive for the resale value of Grand Californian, as it continues to be the only DVC option there, but outside of that I would think most Disney folks like myself are disappointed. 

Looking at this situation from the outside, it appears it has become very political with the local government, and Disney has to decide if it’s the highest and best use of their money and time to continue to pursue expansion opportunities there.  If deemed worth it, then it appears they have no choice but to continue to navigate the politics and traditionally, Disney has been fairly effective at this over the long run.

Kristen Tutas: I don’t think the demand is really there for another DVC or timeshare resort in general. Most people visiting Disneyland stay three, maybe four days, compared to Walt Disney World, where most vacationers are coming for five to seven days or more at a time. Most people who buy DVC are vacationing for longer periods or more frequently throughout the year, so I doubt the demand for DVC is large enough for Disney to make financial sense of another timeshare property there. 

Image: DisneyRachel Thompson: I feel Disneyland is a much smaller venue, and the demand is not near as great as Disney World.  It may not make financial sense for Disney to build more DVC there at the moment.  A solution may be to add some value resorts first to see if there is a growing demand.

Melissa Mullett: As a fan of all things Disney, it’s always disappointing when a plan doesn’t come to fruition. It’s a shame that the Downtown Disney resort project has been canceled. However, I hope that this will give the Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney development teams an opportunity to re-theme some of the closed businesses in the West Side of Downtown Disneyland.  Wouldn’t it be great if they added more Disney-themed entertainment like a permanent stage? Another suggestion I saw was recommending an Indiana Jones-themed restaurant where the Rainforest Cafe used to be? When one door closes, another one opens. Hopefully, Disney can work with the city of Anaheim to find an amicable solution if they were to propose a new plan for building a resort.

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