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7 Popular Misconceptions About Walt Disney World Annual Passes

6. The monthly payments are too high or will include interest

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Monthly payments are one of the best perks for Florida residents who want a Walt Disney World annual pass. Despite rumors to the contrary, Disney does not charge interest on annual passes paid monthly, and most people don’t realize you can actually get that monthly price down a little lower if you’re determined.

While this may change in the future, visitors have reported that you can actually get the monthly payment price on your Disney annual pass down if you put down a higher down payment when you purchase them. This can be very appealing if you want to stay out of debt but don’t have the entire sum for your passes when the time comes to purchase or renew. The catch is that you physically have to visit the parks to do this since Disney’s website and phone system can’t take higher down payments. However, some guests have tried this and found it worked to lower the monthly cost of their passes. You can celebrate paying it off early by going to Disney World! Woot!

7. The discounts make Disney World CHEAP!

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Image: Disney

This one is partially a matter of perspective. The discounts offered to Walt Disney World annual passholders are awesome, particularly for shopping and dining. They do make a difference in bringing down the cost of Disney vacations, and they can prove extra lucrative when discounts come in for resorts, pet care, free parking, and other perks.

However, it is important to remember that Walt Disney World is still an expensive place, and to be honest, the discounts may not make a big enough dent to necessarily make Disney cheap. They also don't apply at most Disney quick service dining locations or at many Disney Springs restaurants not owned by Disney. Discounts help bring down costs to be more appealing to locals, but even with discounts, Disney’s prices are higher than counterparts in Orlando or other parks like Universal Studios. The discounts help take some of the “ouch” out of spending at Disney, but if you’re visiting on a budget, don’t throw that budget out just because of the discounts.

What are some other misconceptions you’ve run into about Disney World annual passes?

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