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5 Bad Behaviors of the Disney Superfan

Image: Flickr, aloha75

Some people like the Disney Parks. Some people love the Disney Parks. And then, there are the people who absolutely are obsessed with the Disney Parks. These are the Disney superfans.

Now, in all likelihood, you are a Disney superfan if you are reading this post. I’m a Disney superfan too, but I have to say, it’s important to be able to take a step back and acknowledge an important truth about ourselves:

We are not perfect.

Yes, we love Disney, but sometimes that love can get in the way of others’ enjoyment of the park. Sometimes, we love it so much that we do some things that really should be frowned upon.

Let’s quickly break down a few of those bad habits Disney superfans can sometimes find ourselves doing.

And yes, we’ve all done at least one of these.

Talking along with the attractions

 harshlight, Flickr (license)

Image: harshlight, Flickr (license)

If you’ve ever ridden the Haunted Mansion, you have likely had this experience:

You walk into the stretch room, ready to enjoy the greatest pre-show of any attraction in theme park history. And, just as the door closes and the show begins, you hear a voice say, “When hinges creak in doorless chambers...”

Only, there’s just one problem: It’s not famed voice actor Paul Frees speaking the lines, but rather, some dude named Rick from Encino.

Look, I get it — we all have a favorite attraction whose script we have memorized either by rote or by accident. And, much like singing along with the band at a concert, it can be fun to mouth along with the attraction as the audio plays.

But, unlike a concert, there are many people experiencing the attraction who have never done it before. Instead of getting the classic experience that generations of parkgoers have gotten, they get the cover version — and it could affect their perception of the attraction.

Yes, it’s fun to recite the script of something you love — but do try to refrain from shouting “We’re in!” the next time you ride Dinosaur. 

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