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The Shocking "Top" Speed of The Fastest Disney Rides

10. Raging Spirits – 46 MPH

Image: DisneyTokyo DisneySEA is quite possibly the greatest theme park on the planet. Its two fastest rides both make this list, and they top out at virtually the same speed. Raging Spirits is an Intamin-built roller coaster that employs the same architecture as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril but is several MPH faster. 

9. RC Racer aka Rex’s Racer – 47 MPH

Image: DisneyYou may have to google this one. It's the anchor attraction at Toy Story Land in three different non-American Disney theme parks. For a Disney ride, it's unconventional in design and style. That's the likely explanation for why the company didn't transfer it to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a coaster apparatus that would frankly look more at home at a typical theme park like Six Flags rather than Disney…and that's kind of cool. I like it when Disney breaks a stereotype.

8. Journey to the Center of the Earth – 47 MPH

Image: Disney

This is the mid-tier speed demon of this ride design, joining Radiator Springs Racers on the list. It’s exactly one mile per hour faster than its counterpart at Tokyo DisneySEA. This ride could also go faster with this architecture, but it has no need. The spectacular Jules Verne theming provides plenty of firepower as riders enter Captain Nemo’s base and then zoom through an active volcano to the titular center of the earth. This ride is the pride and joy of Tokyo DisneySEA, which is kind of like saying that it’s Bono’s favorite U2 song. Even pitted against the loftiest of standards, it exceeds all expectations.

7. Expedition Everest – 50 MPH

Image: DisneyThe most remarkable part of this particular attraction is that it reaches maximum speed while going the wrong way. The ride cart is traveling backward when it hits 50 MPH, causing you to hit 3 G's along the way. Expedition Everest often gets mentioned as the best thrill ride Disney's ever made. It earns this claim despite the fact that it tops out at 50 MPH. That's how innovative ride design and theming can even the playing field against faster attractions.

6. Walt Disney World Monorail – 55 MPH

Image: DisneyI have your attention now, don’t I? Yes, the maximum velocity of the Walt Disney World monorail is 55 MPH. No, you won’t ever ride in a monorail traveling this fast unless some sort of Keanu Reeves/Speed situation transpires. It’s possible, though. Doesn’t that blow your mind? Only three rides at Disney’s North American theme parks top out at a higher velocity than the monorail can match.

5. Incredicoaster – 55 MPH

Image: DisneyThe former California Screamin’ roller coaster was always about velocity. It was the best pure roller coaster at the Happiest Place on Earth and arguably the best one in Disney’s arsenal. The Incredicoaster is like that, only much better. Imagineers have added the theming of a subplot in The Incredibles 2 to elevate the attraction to previously unmatched heights. Now, you do much more than go fast. You also bear witness to the superpowers of the Incredibles while they try to retrieve Jack-Jack, the world’s most dangerous super-baby. California Screamin’ was great, but the Incredicoaster represents a dramatic step up.

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