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A trip to Walt Disney World brings with it hundreds of simple pleasures. Everything from the first sight of the “Walt Disney World” entrance plaza to the smell of the water in the Pirates of the Caribbean show building fills its own moment of magic in your mind — adding to the incredible story of your vacation.

In the 1990s, Disney realized that one element of that vacation experience was completely underleveraged: The resort hotels.

While a handful of hotels existed on Disney property in the years leading up to the famed Disney Decade of the 1990s, that period saw a massive explosion of resort development hit Walt Disney World property. Now, with 30 hotels to choose from, it can be hard to try and pick a place to stay from amid the insane cornucopia of options.

So, we decided to rank all 30 Disney resort hotels, from the least amazing to the most unimaginably wonderful, for your reading pleasure. Note: We left off any DVC properties, and only went with actual hotels on Disney property.

Which resorts took the proverbial cake? Let’s see the list.

30. Best Western Lake Buena Vista

 Best Western

Image: Best Western

The "worst" hotel at Walt Disney World is still better than most hotels anywhere else in the world, and that is certainly true of the Best Western Lake Buena Vista.

From the outside, it’s as mundane and basic a hotel as you could imagine. And, from the inside, it’s not really any better. It’s architectural style is very much of days gone by, but its location near Disney Springs is still useful. And, at the end of the day, it’s a comfortable hotel at Walt Disney World. That's still pretty great.

29. Hilton at Walt Disney World


Image: Hilton

Do you have extra Hilton rewards points you need to use? Are you looking for a hotel that will be perfectly fine, and is close to each of the Walt Disney World parks? Here you go!

28. Holiday Inn at Walt Disney World


Image: Disney

While it might come as a shock, the Holiday Inn at Walt Disney World provides a surprisingly luxe stay for Orlando vacationers. While the exterior still feels dated, the hotel itself feels contemporary and comfortable.

27. Doubletree Guest Suite Resort


Image: Doubletree

One of the more iconic buildings in the Disney Springs resort area, the Doubletree Guest Suite Resort is an all-suite location within walking distance of Disney Springs. Most importantly, it has the famous Doubletree cookies — which is enough to stay out of the bottom of this list.

26. Wyndham Lake Buena Vista


Image: Wyndham

It’s a perfectly lovely hotel in a perfectly lovely spot on Disney property. If you’ve ever stayed at a Wyndham, your expectations will be met. That’s all you need in a bed, right?

25. B Resort

 B Resort

Image: B Resort

While some of the other hotels of the Disney Springs resort area feel like a stock photo of a Florida hotel, the B Resort distinguishes itself by simply making an effort.

It’s not quite the boutique hotel it claims to be, but you have to admire the attempt. It’s fun, and that’s perfect for Disney.

24. Buena Vista Palace Resort


Image: Hilton

Sitting next to a massive lake, the Buena Vista Palace Resort (by Hilton) would be a lovely vacation destination of its own. It has several pools, a character breakfast, and all of the trappings you’d associate with a luxury hotel — at a lower cost, of course.

23. Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

 frikitiki, Flickr (license)

Image: frikitiki, Flickr (license)

The rooms are smaller than some of the hotels below it on this list, there are fewer dining options, and it can often be more expensive. And yet, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort can offer one thing even the most luxurious Disney Springs resort cannot: the word “Disney’s.”

The Disney bubble is real, and while the All-Star Sports is the least excellent of the official Disney resorts, they tend to be in a class unto themselves.

22. Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

 frikitiki, Flickr (license)

Image: frikitiki, Flickr (license)

With theming roughly on par with the All-Star Sports’ phoned-in “giant ephemera” aesthetic, All-Star Music ekes out a lead because of its slower-paced energy. All-Star Sports tends to house rowdy school groups, while All-Star Music plays host to more basic budget travelers — and that vibe can make all the difference.


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