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The 10 Best Pixar Rides in the World

3. Incredicoaster

Image: DisneyI would argue that the top five Pixar attractions in the world are all magnificent. Still, tiers are apparently inside the top five. Toy Story Mania! is wonderful but less impressive than the new family-friendly roller coaster, Slinky Dog Dash. Both of them fall short of the rest of the top three, each of which is 10 out of 10 in my opinion. Ranking the top three is so difficult that I suspect the order could be completely different if I tried it again on another day.

The Incredicoaster’s recent repurposing of California Screamin’ is an unqualified success. Imagineers somehow found a way to modify a terrific roller coaster with tight theming. It now features the Parr family aka The Incredibles in their most dangerous adventure yet. They must retrieve overpowered super-baby Jack-Jack, who has ditched his underwhelming babysitter, Edna Mode.

Throughout the ride, Disney has turned tunnels into set pieces that display thrilling comic book action. Mr. Incredible punches through a wall, Jack-Jack shoots laser beams out of his eyes, and Elastigirl stretches almost the full length of a tunnel. Even the final portion is appropriately thematic, as several different Jack-Jacks pop up along the last piece of track. Disney has taken a kickass coaster and turned it into something that’s also adorable.

2. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Image: DisneyIn creating a ride based on a Pixar attraction, Imagineers face some hard choices. How closely should they follow the concepts of the movie? In the case of The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Disney extended the story told in the film. With the Incredicoaster, they took ideas from the movies and built an entirely new story around them.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure takes a similar approach but does the same thing even better. When you board the ride, you become a guest at Gusteau’s Restaurant. While the rat debates which dish to prepare for you, your innocent meal turns into a grand adventure. Your Ratmobile has shrunk you down to the size of a rat, allowing for a recreation of the memorable restaurant chase scene from the movie. Events don’t play out exactly the same, providing several surprises along the way. It’s a wonderful tribute to a hilarious scene from one of Pixar’s best movies.

1. Radiator Springs Racers

Image: DisneyImagine if someone took the ride experience of Test Track and added characters from the Cars franchise. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because Disney already did it. They built a slot car ride that’s a fraternal twin of Epcot’s E-ticket attraction, only they set it in the world of Radiator Springs. Imagineers even built a fake mountain range to enhance the immersion of a drive through the sleepy town based off of Route 66.

Radiator Springs Racers is so good that one dude has ridden it more than 10,000 times. Let’s not fixate on his OCD. Instead, let’s think about just how great the ride must be for someone to give up a significant portion of their free time to obsess on it. Why would anyone do this?

Image: DisneyOut of all of the Pixar rides available at Disney theme parks, this one does the best job of hypnotizing the rider into believing that they have entered a Pixar movie. You’ll not drive a car inasmuch as you’ll BE a car for a while. During your Radiator Springs visit, you’ll nearly wreck into Mack, the 18-wheeler, you’ll engage in a bit of tractor tipping with Mater, and you’ll get your tires changed by Luigi. It’s the closest possible approximation of a real world version of Pixar thus far.

To date, Radiator Springs Racers is clearly the best Pixar attraction that Disney has built. However, this title will be up for grabs in coming years as Pixar Pier expands and other theme parks open entirely new Pixar-based attractions.

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