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The digital revolution hasn’t just changed how guests enjoy a trip to Walt Disney World—it’s also changed how we remember them! Whereas rolls of film and tapes for video cameras used to be precious commodities, smartphones now allow us to capture more of our time at the Most Magical Place on Earth than ever before and share it with family and the world.

Particularly if you are bringing a loved one to Walt Disney World the first time, one of the best ways you can capture your Walt Disney World experience is through filming reaction videos. Most visitors don’t want to have a camera out the whole time you’re at the park, so more often than not, many of these magical moments pass unnoticed.

Want to make sure you don’t miss your moment? Here are eight of the best reaction videos you’ll want to have your camera ready for next time you visit Walt Disney World.

1. We’re going to Disney World!

Mickey with family in front of castle

Image: Disney

You can’t go wrong with the most classic Walt Disney World reaction video of all. Particularly if you have kids, the moment when everyone realizes the family is headed to the Most Magical Place on Earth is one you’ll want to save forever.

How you break the news is entirely up to you. Maybe it can be a big reveal during a birthday or Christmas morning. Maybe you can take the dry humored approach and convince the kids they’re getting a pillowcase full of gym socks but if they look far enough, they find a copy of the tickets. For the romantics, maybe you can reveal the news during a fancy date (mmm, fondue). However you deliver the magic words, make sure you have a phone ready to capture the moment.

If you really want to make things epic and you’re an oak at keeping secrets, you can even plan a complete surprise trip where the kids don’t realize what’s happening until you arrive at the airport. My parents did this for me once as a kid—I thought I was on the way to school! I did the same thing for my husband years later when he thought we were traveling to Phoenix. You’ll definitely want to capture that reaction video!

2. First time in the parks

Mom with son on Astro-Orbiter

Image: Disney

Similarly, you won’t want to miss your loved ones’ first reaction to arriving at the parks. This could start as early as passing under that iconic archway on Disney’s Magical Express, but especially if you have kids, have your camera ready when your little one gets their first glimpse of the inside of a Disney park.

Magic Kingdom in particular makes the experience of “opening the gate” in the morning extra magical, often with a show to start off the day. I’m not a particularly emotional person but seeing my four-year-old niece’s reaction to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and gang pulling up on the Main Street train totally squeezed waterworks from my shriveled tear ducts. The same goes for first rides on iconic attractions. Don’t assume this tip is just for kids either! These are moments you won’t be able to recreate again.


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