Even when you visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, you’ll sometimes feel a bit homesick. You’ll miss your family and friends and maybe even your pet(s). While you’re vacationing, you’ll want something that reminds you of home. Some of the cuisine on the Disney campus can do exactly that! Here are the top eight comfort food restaurants at Walt Disney World.

8. Casey’s Corner

The old saying goes that nothing’s more American than baseball and apple pie. The implication is that since baseball is America’s game, citizens will find reassurance from any reminder of the sport.

Casey’s Corner is the practical application of that philosophy. It’s an entire restaurant dedicated to baseball, and its cuisine reinforces the notion. What are you most likely to eat at a baseball game? Hot dogs! Which snack is indelibly associated with baseball? Cracker Jacks! Not coincidentally, you’ll find both at Casey’s Corner, and they’ll remind you of the first time you went to a game. Plus, hot dogs are great when you need a simple food that will lift your spirits.

7. Liberty Tree Tavern

Image: DisneyQuick, what’s the family meal that’s most likely to remind you of home? For many people, the answer is Thanksgiving dinner, a time when people sit around the dinner table, watch football, and argue the merits of various stuffing recipes. Liberty Tree Tavern delivers that experience every day.

This Magic Kingdom restaurant in Liberty Square has the perfect theme for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s styled like a colonial New England inn, with the type of cuisine you would have expected the founding fathers to eat on a major holiday. It’s a meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, pot roast, and macaroni and cheese. This food will remind you of happy holidays spent at home, even though you’re right around the corner from Haunted Mansion!

6. Splitsville

Image: DisneyOnce upon a time, a favorite gathering place for teenagers was the bowling alley. While league night is still a thing in this country, an afternoon of bowling isn’t quite as popular today as it was just a generation ago. Still, a lot of us remember those days spent throwing gutter ball after gutter ball, usually after we’d bragged about our bowling prowess.

Whether you’re too young to remember the glory days of bowling or you lived through them, the appeal of Splitsville is still the same. It’s a fun hangout with a time-tested group activity that will entertain everyone. And the food at bowling alleys is notoriously tasty, whether you choose pizza or a burger. Since Splitsville is at Disney Springs, it even plussed the menu with sushi. Now, I’m not sold on the concept of bowling alley sushi, but it is a wonderful demonstration of just how far the bowling alley hangout has come.


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