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The 11 Walt Disney World Rides Walt Would Have Loved The Most

In his last years on Earth, Walt Disney invested much of his vast personal fortune on a pet project. He purchased thousands of acres of land in a swampy part of Florida. His vision for this land involved a capitalist utopian society, but his untimely death prevented him from seeing any part of the construction there. This tragic turn of events bothers all Disney fans. It leads to a logical question, too. Which Walt Disney World attractions would Walt Disney have loved? Read on to find out the answers…


Image: DisneyWalt Disney was an engineer, a creator, and a tinkerer. He loved grandiose ideas and emerging technologies. He embraced change and welcomed new challenges. What does all of this have to do with DINOSAUR?

The attraction would have three important aspects to a time-traveling Walt Disney. The first is a tie-in to an animated movie. The visuals from that 2000 release would have amazed him, just as the lackluster story would have infuriated him.

The second is the historical element. Disney loved to take popular legends and fables and evolve them into ride concepts. DINOSAUR mines history to entertain, a favorite practice for Uncle Walt. Finally, the Enhanced Motion Vehicle technology that moves guests around the DINOSAUR set would appeal to his love of inventive ride carts.

Frozen Ever After

Image: DisneyTo a certain extent, I wonder if Disney would have liked Maelstrom better. Its innovative indoor/outdoor ride element delighted guests and would have caused him to feel admiration for the concept. As the first theme park attraction designer, that sort of creativity would have impressed him.

Uncle Walt would love Frozen Ever After, too. The first time he rode it, he’d gaze in awe at the details of the audio-animatronics (AAs). Even a few years later, they’re still the most advanced AAs in existence, demonstrating a kind of photorealism that heightens the immersion of Arendelle. The center stage showpiece of Elsa belting out Let It Go would thrill him, too. For all of its criticisms about saturation, Frozen is the most fitting callback film to the earliest days of Disney animated cinema.

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