7. Amp up the thrill on Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

Image: Disney

This is another fun one from the discussion board. Most guests are psychologically trained to look a certain direction when experiencing a thrill ride drop. Particularly on Splash Mountain, who doesn’t automatically look down into the misting abyss of the briar patch? Sure, you could try closing your eyes, but where’s the fun in that?

We’ve mentioned in the past that nighttime is the best time to ride Splash Mountain, but Cast Members have another way to make your favorite flume even more thrilling. When you arrive at the top of the drop, don’t look down or close your eyes. Instead, look straight ahead the whole time. It’s a whole new way to experience the fall!

8. Always go left (with two exceptions)

Army Men at Toy Story Land

Image: Disney

This is a popular one, but it’s one guests rarely think about—people at Walt Disney World have a weird habit of always stepping into the right-hand line. It’s a strange phenomenon that has existed as long as the parks have been around. If you have a choice between two lines, Disney Cast Members still suggest to always choose the left one. True, it’s a roll of the dice and more guests know about this trick than in the old days, but statistically, you still have a better shot of the left line being shorter.

The first exception to this is if a Cast Member directs you into a specific line. It’s their job to keep the line moving at busy attractions, so pay attention and do what they say. Don’t fall into the trap of believing one line is different, particularly on Space Mountain. The tracks are basically identical.

The other exception is that this advice does not apply when touring the parks. In general, it’s usually best to tour theme parks from back to front since most guests drift to whatever attraction is closest to the entrance or whatever attraction/land has opened most recently (e.g. Pandora - The World of Avatar or Toy Story Land).

9. Use the restroom before getting in line

Restrooms sign in Hollywood Studios

There’s nothing worse than having waited an hour in line for Soarin’ or Big Thunder Mountain to find out two minutes from the front of the line that your little one is doing the pee-pee dance. Cast Members suggest avoiding unpleasant scenario by always making a point to use the restroom before getting into a long line. Also, don’t forget that Cast Members are never allowed to babysit children, so don’t assume you can sneak off and leave them once you get to the front of the line. That’s a Disney no-no.

10. Help Cast Members get future promotions

UK Cast Member speaking to guests

Image: Disney

We’re finally to it! Our favorite tip from Walt Disney World Cast Members is one that most might not ever bring up, but it’s a great opportunity to pass the magic forward.

If a Cast Member went above and beyond during your vacation, let their supervisors know.

It’s very easy to get caught up in our own vacation on a Disney day and never think twice about the amazing Cast Members who made it magical. On your next vacation, take note of any Cast Members who did an extra-awesome job. Make sure you write down their name and home town from their pin so you remember it. Before you leave the parks, stop by Guest Relations to fill out a Cast Member appreciation card. You can also contact Disney Guest Relations via email using the same channels we suggested for dealing with a less-than-magical Cast Member.

Those cards go onto the Cast Member’s record and can help them get promotions or better positions. For Disney College Program students, it can help ensure them a permanent position should they choose to stay with Disney. It’s easy to remember to file a complaint when something goes wrong on a Disney vacation, but the best tip we heard across the board was to take this extra step to ensure the very Cast Members who are always ready to give these great pixie-dust tips are honored in their jobs. Always be polite to Cast Members, remembering to thank them for their hard work. You can seriously make their day. On rare occasion, some guests have even received a little magic back for filling out these cards!

What’s your favorite tip a Walt Disney World Cast Member has ever given you?

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