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We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the security line to get into Magic Kingdom when the queue comes to a sudden halt. The security guard checking the bag in front of yours frowns, reaches in, and pulls out a giant bottle of wine.

Someone’s just been caught with Walt Disney World contraband.

There’s little you can do as the family ahead of you proceeds to argue why they should be allowed to bring their expensive wine, or their selfie stick, or their poodle who just “happens to like napping” inside a closed duffel bag into the parks. It almost never ends pretty.

March of the First Order

Captain Phasma is not amused...Image: Disney

A place as busy as Walt Disney World understandably has to have some rules in place to keep the myriad guests who visit every day safe and happy. Unfortunately, some guests get a little carried away preparing the perfect Walt Disney World visit and fail to check that Disney actually has a list of around 20 categories of items that are not permitted in their parks. Veteran parkgoers know to never bring these faux paux items, but it seems inevitable on a busy day to see a security line grind to a standstill because someone tries to bring in a banned item and ends up incensed when security tells them they can tread no further.

Some guests inevitably try to stuff these forbidden items into their coats, trousers, and diaper bags to only to usually be stopped again by security (who is always watching). This doesn’t only mess up a Disney day for guests who get caught. It also slows down everyone else’s ability to get into the park.

There are plenty of odd things people try to bring into Disney parks, but we wanted to highlight six items people seriously need to stop trying to sneak into Walt Disney World.

1. Alcohol

World Showcase Cast with Food and Wine goodies

Image: Disney

On one hand, there’s something understandable about a family thinking it would be cool to have a bottle of wine on hand for an idyllic picnic in front of Cinderella Castle or under the Tree of Life. Unfortunately, trying to live out this particular fantasy is going to land you in a very awkward conversation with security.

Alcohol of any type, in any clever container, no matter how expensive or chintzy is not permitted for guests to bring into Walt Disney World. On one hand, off-site alcohol cuts into Disney’s profits in parks like Epcot where beer and wine are par for the course. However, there is another far more important reason outside alcohol is banned at Walt Disney World.

Sloshing drunk people make for some very un-magical moments at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

People do some downright absurd things while drunk at Disney World. Until recently, alcohol was completely banned at Magic Kingdom. While Disney allows a fair amount of drinking in Epcot and in some of its bars and restaurants, they also keep a close eye on guests who start to get rowdy or unruly from having one too many. By controlling alcohol sales, they can at least somewhat keep an eye on this. However, things could get out of control quickly with adults bringing in hard liquor and deciding to throw a kegger on Tom Sawyer Island. There is seriously no upside to letting guests bring outside alcohol in.

Short story? Stay classy and leave that bottle of wine at the resort.


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