The tagline for Walt Disney World suggests that it’s the Most Magical Place on Earth. Disney’s marketing team plays up this fact, and loyal fans are hard-pressed to argue the point. Literally every second at the parks, something amazing happens, an unforgettable moment that a person remembers fondly many years after the fact. Exactly how do we define those moments? Well, everyone’s criteria are slightly different. I certainly have strong opinions on the subject. Here are my picks for the Most Magical Things at Walt Disney World.

Arriving at the Magical Express

Image: DisneyWhen your plane touches down, you’re almost ready to start your trip. The moment that you truly believe that you’re starting your Disney vacation is when you get onboard the Magical Express. You’ll watch the videos and feed off the energy from the other travelers. The Magical Express is a bus ride with only one destination: the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Biting into the Grey Stuff the first time

One of the best parts of a Disney visit is that you get to recreate magical moments from the movies. You can eat at Tony’s Town Square and nuzzle a meatball over to your date, or you can shrink down to the size of a toy at Toy Story Land. My personal favorite is biting into the Grey Stuff. As the song indicates, it is delicious. Plus, it causes me to want to sing the song, Be Our Guest. That’s exactly what a Disney theme park visit should do.

Boarding the monorail

Image: DisneyWhen we talk about vehicles associated with certain things, Indy Cars go with the Indy 500 and the monorail goes with Disney theme parks. No other type of transportation is as directly linked to a certain thing. When you board the monorail, you know that you are only a stop or two away from Magic Kingdom or Epcot, which means that you know that your trip is about to begin in earnest. Stepping onto the monorail stirs up so much excitement and anticipation.

Dressing up for some reason

What’s even better than recreating a Disney movie moment? It’s when you get to dress up like one. DisneyBounding has become a huge phenomenon in recent years, but I’m merely referring to it. During Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, you can wear a costume that closely mimics the look and style of your favorite Disney character. Alternately, you can visit during Disney Dapper Days to show off your Sunday best attire. Dressing up for Disney has become a cottage industry, and it’s always a joy to do.


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