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10 Trendy Photo Spots Your PhotoPass Photographer WON’T Tell You About

Pre-renovated "Purple Wall" at the Magic Kingdom

These days, the most popular photo spots at the Disney Parks aren’t the ones marked by a PhotoPass icon. Don’t get us wrong—you’ll still see plenty of guests flock to Sleeping Beauty Castle, Spaceship Earth, and the Tree of Life, among many other iconic spots around the parks. More recently, however, selfie-takers and professional photographers alike are opting for harder-to-find locations in areas that you wouldn’t typically find a PhotoPass photographer snapping away (though it’s not too difficult to imagine that may change in the future).

Thanks to social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, these have quickly become some of the trendiest photo spots in the Disney Parks. So, the next time you’re looking to ditch the castle shot and switch things up with an impromptu photoshoot, here’s a rundown of the 10 Disney Parks photo opportunities you should know—and all the info you need to snap the perfect pic, too.

1. The Purple Wall (Magic Kingdom)

Tomorrowland entrance in the Magic Kingdom

Image: Frank Phillips, Flickr (license)

Hashtag: #purplewall

Where to find it: If you’re facing the entrance to Tomorrowland (as in the photo above), the Purple Wall will be along the first building to your right.

Tips: Not only is the Purple Wall well-shaded and protected from the temperamental Florida weather, but it’s one of the larger walls on this list, too. As one of the best-known photo spots across the Disney Parks, however, it does tend to get more crowded than most—even after it underwent a semi-controversial makeover. If you’re hoping to score some snazzy special event photos—for, say, Dapper Day or one of Magic Kingdom’s exclusive holiday parties—make sure you show up early or come prepared to wait your turn.

2. The Bubblegum Wall (Epcot)

Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Image: Luis Brizzante, Flickr (license)

Hashtag: #bubblegumwall

Where to find it: The Bubblegum Wall runs through the entrance to Spaceship Earth and can be seen on either side of the “Project Tomorrow” sign.

Tips: Significantly smaller than the Purple Wall but no less popular, the Bubblegum Wall provides amateur and professional photographers alike with another shady spot to snap a few pics. With the railings in place, there isn’t a lot of room to stand and pose, so this one is slightly better suited to solo photos or selfies.

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