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If you’ve been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland so many times, you’ve lost count, it can be tempting to add some spice to your next vacation. For some, that can mean staying at a new resort. For others, that can mean splurging on a fireworks cruise or a backstage tour.

But for a select few, the method by which they choose to heighten their next vacation is a challenge. A literal challenge.

There are all kinds of Disney Parks challenges — from the “Every Attraction in a Day” challenge to the “Four Parks in One Day” challenge. Today, we’re introducing a new one to that canon:

The Ultimate North American Disney Parks Challenge

What is this new challenge? Well, read on ... 

The Challenge

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What if you could experience all the best attractions in the North American Disney Parks all in one day? How would you pull that off? What attractions would you pick?  

This is the basis of our challenge: Experience one attraction in each land at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park in one 24-hour span. 

That can seem pretty overwhelming, I know. But we don’t call it the Ultimate North American Disney Parks challenge for nothing! It’s supposed to be hard. 

As with all challenges, though, there are some rules we need to set first.

The RulesPeter Pan's Flight sign

If the goal of this challenge is truly to experience everything Disney Parks have to offer, then we have to set some ground rules.  

Rule No. 1: Main Street USA is a free space

While both Main Street USAs are iconic and wonderful places, they don’t have enough attractions between them to make this a worthwhile stop.

Rule No. 2: No repeat attractions

If you ride Space Mountain at Walt Disney World, it’s off the table for Disneyland. If you ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, it’s off the table for Walt Disney World. Even if the attraction has a slightly different name (For example, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin vs. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters).

Rule No. 3: If a regular guest can use a perk, so can you

Fastpass+, MaxPass, Extra Magic Hours — you name it. If it’s a normal guest perk, you are allowed to use it. VIP tours, however, are not allowed.

Rule No. 4: While midnight-to-midnight is encouraged, you can set your own hours

As long as your challenge takes place in a 24-hour span, it counts. But if you pull it off on a midnight-to-midnight schedule? You achieve true Disney Parks immortality.

The Required Attractions

There is, of course, one more rule that is a bit special: You can’t just pick whichever attractions you want. There are certain requirements you must fulfill for your challenge attempt to count.

At each park, you must experience one attraction within each themed land, and they must include the following attractions: One “mountain,” one omnimover, one boat ride, one show, and one roller coaster.

For example, if you’re planning your Magic Kingdom trip, but you didn’t include Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, or Splash Mountain, then you haven’t met the requirements. Although, attractions can count for more than one category -- so, for example, Space Mountain would count as both a Mountain and a roller coaster.

Note: All boat rides count — so whether it’s Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, the Mark Twain, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc., your boat ride counts. We won’t be picky about the type of vessel. 

Make sense? 


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