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If you are reading these words, there’s a very good chance that you’re a Disney Parks superfan.

It’s not enough for you to visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland once in your lifetime, or even once every half-decade. Heck, it’s not even enough for you to visit a Disney Park once a year (if you’re lucky enough to be able to).

You’re reading articles about the Disney Parks, scouring the internet for rumors of coming attractions, or arguing with fellow fans on message boards, Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit.

You’re listening to podcasts about Disney Parks. You’re downloading soundtracks to your favorite rides and shows. You’re decorating your home with more and more Disney merch.

If you’re reading these words, you’re probably a superfan — but not all superfans are created equal.

There are different types of Disney Parks superfans, all of whom are drawn to these magical worlds for different reasons. Today, we’ll break down all those different types — and hopefully, you’ll find one you can slot into.

It’s ok if you fit into more than one category. We all contain multitudes.

1. Vacation Kings and Queens

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For some Disney Parks fans, planning the vacation is half the fun. For a select few, planning the vacation is nearly all of the fun.

These are the Vacation Kings and Queens — those for whom the adrenaline-fueled high of scoring the perfect Fastpass+ reservation right when their window opens is that happiest they’ll be all year. The Vacation Kingdom needs its monarch, and these are those monarchs.

When not on vacation, they’re planning their next vacation — studying the newest trip-planning strategies online and memorizing the famed Unofficial Guide. In another life, perhaps they’d be an elite military strategist, but in this one, they’re content to put together the ultimate Disney touring plan — scheduled down to the minute.

If you’re a Vacation King or Queen, the only thing more exciting than riding Flight of Passage is the perfectly-timed Tiffin’s reservation you have scheduled for just after you disembark. 

2. DIY Imagineers

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The DIY Imagineers are easy to spot come October — they’re the ones who have put 100 hours of labor into creating the best Halloween decorations on the street. These Disney Parks fans are as interested in how things at Disney get done as they are in what those things are. 

The dream of any DIY Imagineer is to of course go behind the scenes — to take a special tour of the Utilidors for example, or to see the inner-workings of The American Adventure. Or, failing that, they simply want to make their home feel like a Disney park too.

But the real holy grail for these fans — what keeps them up at night — are the hidden wonders that exist out in Glendale at Walt Disney Imagineering HQ.

They don’t need to see that famed Soarin’ erector set model, though — they’ve likely already built one themselves.


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