Friendship Faire Show in front of Cinderella Castle

The little things make the biggest difference sometimes.

We have dived into our fair share of Walt Disney World trip hacks here at Theme Park Tourist— for saving money, maneuvering crowds like a pro, embracing your inner superfan, and much more. Many of these fall into the category of broad advice. Some are easy to execute (like changing your socks when your feet are worn out) while others require extensive preparation (like micro-managing rewards credits cards to pay for an entire Walt Disney World vacation).

Not all hacks have to be complicated to be effective. Try these six mini-hacks to make your next Walt Disney World vacation go just a little smoother!

1. Embrace the rain

Cinderella Castle on a stormy day

Image: Jett Farrell-Vega

There are some times of year when there is just no avoiding Florida rains. Whether it’s a spring drizzle every afternoon or the sky bucketing like the sun will never come out again, it’s more likely than not that you’ll probably see some rain on your visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Most guests follow a predictable pattern of behavior once it starts raining in Walt Disney World. Families quickly tuck into shops and restaurants to avoid the downpour or step into a queue for an indoor attraction. Those who intend to brave the torrent might purchase stunningly overpriced Mickey Mouse ponchos for the family.

However, the very rain that puts a damper on some traveler’s days can prove an opportunity for the prepared. First off, always bring your own rain gear. Almost all Walmart and sporting goods stores sell cheap ponchos in their camping sections. You probably can load up on tiny pocket-sized ponchos for the entire family for less than it would cost to buy a single one at Disney parks. If you want something a little fancier, opt for a fold-up windbreaker that’s easy to carry or tuck into a bag.

When rain strikes during your Disney vacation, embrace it. As long as there are no signs of lightning and thunder (in which case, seek shelter with everyone else), head straight for the outdoor attractions your fellow guests are fleeing from. Splash Mountain is particularly fun in the rain! You can almost always find slower queues for certain attractions once it starts pouring.


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