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5 Easy Ways to Cope With Walt Disney World Withdrawal

4. Start planning your next trip

Boys on Expedition Everest

Image: Disney

It goes without saying that the first thing most of us want to do when we leave Walt Disney World is figure out how quickly we can get back. There’s nothing wrong with taking some preliminary steps to plan your next Walt Disney World vacation while the magic is still fresh.

Emotions are high after a Disney visit, so a few boundaries are probably wise before you make any official trip plans. It can be tempting to hop straight onto Disney’s website, shout “TAKE MY MONEY!”, and slap a credit card down with abandon. For most families, restraint is wise during this stage. A headfirst dive into crippling debt is not a magical conclusion for your vacation, so be wary.

Most of us probably don’t have the financial means to plan a second Walt Disney World vacation right after the first one (if you do, more power to you!). Instead of impulse-reserving your next trip, take your time with planning. Peruse some articles here on Theme Park Tourist to scratch your Disney itch. Start exploring which resorts, restaurants, and attractions you’d like to visit that maybe you missed. Come up with a solid savings plan and put it into effect so you’ll be able to book that next vacation with financial freedom. You'll be there before you know it!

5. Multiply the magic

Happily Ever After Fireworks

Image: Disney

There is one tool more important than any other for recovering from Walt Disney World withdrawals, and it’s not one everyone might expect.

Find the magic in day to day life.

It may sound a little sappy, but the truth is that the best way to recover from the Disney shakes is to embrace fresh joy, gratitude, and generosity in your day to day life. An easy first step is start a gratitude journal and list three things you’re thankful for every day. There may be a lot of Disney memories in there immediately after your trip, but if you keep the habit up, you’ll find you’ll start noticing day to day life might look a little brighter.

Find opportunities to live generously, volunteer, or support a cause. Right after a vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in our own frustration or for life to seem dull in comparison to the fantastically vibrant world of Disney. When we turn our eyes outward, we can become the ones sharing a little bit of the magic with others. Leave that waitress a big tip. Buy your daughter a surprise banana split the size of her head. Watch the lady next door light up when you offer to mow her lawn. Cherish your loved ones, make new memories, and plan your next adventure.

Don’t worry. Mickey and friends will be waiting eagerly for you return…

How do you cope with Walt Disney World withdrawals?

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