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You'll Have to Leave The United States To Experience These 9 Heart-Stopping Roller Coasters

Hey roller coaster enthusiasts, let’s talk bucket list destinations! So many wonderful thrill rides are in California and Florida that you may not feel ambitious when you book your vacations. That’s a mistake! Lots of phenomenal coasters are well worth a visit, and you get to add a stamp to your passport when you visit them! Here are nine of the best roller coasters outside the United States.


For more than 70 years now, Liseberg has entertained theme park tourists during their visits to the gloriously named Gothenburg, Sweden. Since 1987, the anchor attraction that has thrilled coaster enthusiasts is Lisebergbanan. Yes, the name of the ride is the park’s name plus banan, which only makes sense if you speak Swedish.

Don’t get distracted by the details. Instead, focus on what’s important. Lisebergbanan is one of the greatest group roller coasters ever made. Due to its unique design of five coaster trains, each with 11 dual-person cars, it’s capable of carrying 110 passengers per ride batch! You and 21 of your closest friends can enjoy two minutes of runaway train action, as your vehicle reaches 50 miles per hour across extremely bumpy terrain. It’s a timeless coaster classic that still wins industry awards for popularity today!


Ride conversions are all the rage in coaster design, and that statement holds true south of the border, too. Six Flags Mexico originally built one of the only wooden roller coasters in Latin America.

The ride known as Medusa debuted in 2000, but it closed permanently in 2013. In its place, a new Medusa arose. This one was a steel coaster built in the same place as its predecessor. Like many retrofit coaster conversions, it maintained the core wooden structure but replaced the tracks with steel ones. The end result is a 118-feet tall coaster with a 98-foot drop that produces a top speed of 58 miles per hour. Medusa’s improvements didn’t stop there, either. Six Flags also added a virtual reality element in 2017!

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