Take it from me. You CAN love something too much at Walt Disney World. My fanaticism about Sci-Fi Dine-In, Kona Café, Spaceship Earth, Test Track car-making, and the entire fourth floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort is well-documented. I love all of these things so much that I could never tired of them.

That’s not true of everything there is to do at Walt Disney World, though. Some parts of a Disney trip can get monotonous. After you’ve done them a few times, you will find yourself avoiding them as much as possible. It’s the nature of the beast. Not everything in life has repeat value, and even the magical world of Disney isn’t immune to this problem. Here are five things at Disney that grow old fast.

The Monorail

!Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!

Whenever the subject of the Monorail comes up, a friend of mine who grew up in Central Florida almost reflexively quotes this bit of Spanish dialogue. It’s a simple request to stand clear of the Monorail doors, and the thought of it always brings a smile to my face. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who loves this mode of transportation more than me. I wrote this entire piece about it, after all.

Still, I’m aware of the reality of the situation. To a lot of people, the Monorail was something that they loved to ride as a child. Once they’d done it a few times and, you know, reached adulthood, the Monorail grew to represent something else, a means to an end. To them, it’s just a variation on an elevated train that eventually takes them to Magic Kingdom or Epcot, presuming that it doesn’t tear down along the way. And then there’s the smell…

The Monorail is still magical to many people, myself included. To others, it’s a symbol of a Tomorrowland that will never be. It’s also not as well maintained as something so iconic and integral to the perception of Disney theme parks should be.



Agree with everything on this list. Especially the monorail and general transportation around the resort. It is fundamentally impressive when you think about how large the resort is but it gets old quick how long it takes to get anywhere on property. An advantage that Disneyland has. Even though it isn't as impressive I was blown away and how easily accessible it was. I think the distance from an off property hotel to the entrance of the park at Disneyland is the same as it is from a far parking spot to the entrance in the Magic Kingdom. I know a few AP locals that purposely don't go to the Magic Kingdom very often because of the hassle.

BTW the new website really REALLY sucks. Almost infinite scrolling past clickbait articles to get to the comments section. If you want to engage your audience and have ongoing discussions this is definitely not the way to do it.

YES!! I have been a Disney fan since i was 5 and i always loved the monorail but now i feel like it is just there because Disney does not want to spent the money to tear it down. I really hope they do a fleet wide renovation of the monorail soon.

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