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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Disney College Program (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Wondering what the Disney College Program is all about? Ever see a Disney cast member with a college or university listed on their nametag but you’re not sure why? Check out these frequently asked questions about the Disney College Program, and learn some tips for applying and enjoying your time in Florida or California:

Q: What is the Disney College Program?

Disney College Program

Image: Brittany DiCologero

A: The Disney College Program is a paid internship experience at the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort that combines three primary elements—living, learning, and earning. Participants live in company-sponsored housing, work in front-line roles around Disney property, and have the opportunity to pursue educational seminars, collegiate courses, networking events, workshops, and more. The program may be done during a semester in college, or following graduation. Participants may apply during their freshman year, but they may not spend their first semester of college on the program.

Q: Do CPs (College Program interns) receive credit for the program?

DIsney College Program check in

Image: Brittany DiCologero

A: Whether or not CPs receive college credit for the Disney College Program depends on their individual schools. Some schools offer a full semester’s worth of classes simply for participating in the program, while others offer credit for one course assuming some amount of extra work is done, and others do not give credit at all. Discuss the program with an academic advisor or career services before committing to the program, and remember that if you cannot receive credit or take a semester off for the program, you can always participate the semester after graduation.

Q: How does the Disney College Program affect financial aid, student loans, and/or enrollment statuses?

Housing events

Image: Brittany DiCologero

A: The program’s impact on financial aid, loans, and college enrollment again depends on each individual college and situation. Some students may be able to take a semester off and continue with their regular financial aid plans, while others may lose scholarships if the program does not count for credit. Loans vary based on the type of loan, timeline in the payment process, and the loan provider, and enrollment status can vary based on how each college works with the program. Contact your loan provider or academic advisors at your college for information on how the program can affect these areas.

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