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Everybody Has a Laughing Place: 6 Places to Laugh Out Loud at Walt Disney World

5. Watch Captain Phasma and the First Order accost fellow guests

March of the First Order at Hollywood Studios

Image: Disney

If you haven’t noticed yet, quasi-invasive character encounters are a repeated theme in Disney laughing places. If you want to see this concept taken to the next level, you need to catch a stormtrooper march in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Like Disney’s other streetmosphere acts, the regular stormtrooper patrols in Disney Hollywood Studios start off innocuous enough. However, on occasion, stormtroopers will fixate on a guest, especially on small kids dressed in Star Wars costumes. One of the most famous of these was an encounter where stormtroopers escorted a young boy dressed as Kylo Ren through the park, ultimately taking him to the front of the lines for Star Tours and to meet the dark one himself.

If you want to see this play out on a large scale, stake out a good seat for the March of the First Order. While the procession of a legion of stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma is impressive enough, watching the Captain harass various guests along the marching route (projected and amplified on giant screens in front of the Chinese theater) is truly hilarious.

6. Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen

Barrel that says "The Backside of Water"

Image: Jett Farrell-Vega (@mykingdomforamouse Instagram)

While we had mixed feelings about this recent addition to Magic Kingdom’s table service dining lineup, we well and truly fell in love with Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen. While it is possible to catch a taciturn server or host at this marvelously quirky restaurant, most of our visits have left us in stitches.

The premise is simple: the theme is that the restaurant is the local canteen for Jungle Cruise skippers. In a brilliant move, Disney literally staffed the restaurant with off-duty Jungle Cruise skippers. No matter your feelings about the Jungle Cruise ride, some of the hosts and servers are hilarious, and each one has their own take on the classic tongue-in-cheek humor of the Adventureland classic. Easter eggs and inside jokes fill the restaurant’s three dining halls (if possible, ask if you can be seated in one of the smaller ones), and even the entrees on the menu are named for humor. If you’re especially lucky, you may get to see the Great Wall of China.

A literal great wall of China (plates)

It never gets old…

Where is your laughing place at Disney World?

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I know you tried to stay away from attractions but one that really stands out is the Country Bear Jamboree. It's amazing that after all these years and all these visits those crazy hillbilly bears can still get a laugh out of the audience. It's not quite as effective on the off season where the audience is mainly consisted of seasoned veterans but if you go when the house is packed and there are a bunch of silly kids with their even sillier grandparents and you'd be hard pressed not to guffaw with them. Especially over poor ol' Buford's fate.

How is Turtle Talk with Crush not on here? That is always funny.


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