Gaston posing next to his statue

Everybody has a laughing place. If you haven’t found yours yet, we found seven spots at Disney World where—no matter your sense of humor—you can kick back and have a good laugh. Some may surprise you!

1. Visit Gaston in Fantasyland

Gaston poses next to his statue

Image: Disney

When Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991, there probably weren’t too many people expecting fans to line up around the block to meet Gaston. Good grief, were we wrong.

Disney is full of charming character encounters, but none have proved as hysterical as Gaston’s meet and greet in Fantasyland. The man (the myth? The legend?) was already hilarious before the new Fantasyland expansion, but since the addition of Gaston’s Tavern to the park, Magic Kingdom's Gaston has turned into a viral sensation.

There is no predicting what Gaston will do on any given day except do just be… well, Gaston. No one does push-ups like Gaston. Do one arm wrestles like Gaston. No one argues with small children and belittles rival suitors like Gaston… and if someone shows up dressed as Belle? All bets are off. Unless the contest is about calculus or reading (BAH!), no one outdoes Gaston. Just click the links. Everyone’s Disney day (except, perhaps, Belle’s) can benefit from a little more Gaston.

2. Watch loved ones try “Beverly” at Club Cool

Sodas at Club Cool

Is your sense of humor piqued by a good-spirited prank? Look no further than Epcot’s Club Cool.

For those unfamiliar, Club Cool is Epcot’s monument to the industry and science of… soda. Okay, there’s no industry or science, but you can try a handful of unique sodas from around the world for free. Most are familiar enough flavors. After all, what is soda but carbonated water and syrup? However, one unique libation at Club Cool stands above them all.


Beverly is a non-alcoholic Italian aperitif with a powerful kick. A pungent dose of grapefruit rind in the drink gives it a punch-you-in-the-mouth variety of bitterness that defies explanation. Reaction videos of people trying the concoction have become surprisingly popular over the years, and you can both have a laugh and catch a lifelong memory in the making if you have your phone ready when your friends and loved ones take the plunge. Proceed with caution with anyone who has a weak gag reflex, but for everyone else, Beverly is an absolute must try opportunity that will surely result in some laughter… after all, if we didn’t laugh when drinking it, we’d cry…



How is Turtle Talk with Crush not on here? That is always funny.

I know you tried to stay away from attractions but one that really stands out is the Country Bear Jamboree. It's amazing that after all these years and all these visits those crazy hillbilly bears can still get a laugh out of the audience. It's not quite as effective on the off season where the audience is mainly consisted of seasoned veterans but if you go when the house is packed and there are a bunch of silly kids with their even sillier grandparents and you'd be hard pressed not to guffaw with them. Especially over poor ol' Buford's fate.

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