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So you think you want to be a Cast Member. Visiting Disney is so satisfying, many avid fans yearn to take the next step and make the Disney life their everyday norm. Disney World is the biggest employer in Orlando with around 70,000 employees. If you think you’re ready for a spot among them, check for these signs that you have what it takes to be a Cast Member.

You’re always smiling


Image: Alena Navarro-Whyte, Flickr (license)

Disney Cast Members are known for being eternally cheerful. If you have to fight past frown lines to get a bright smile, the life of a bright and perky CM may not be for you. If your neutral face is a peaceful grin and your first reaction to strangers is to greet them brightly, then you’re just what Disney is looking for.

While CMs take cheerfulness to a particularly high level, their job isn’t that difference from other customer service positions. If you’re employee of the month in a restaurant or retail location, and know how to smile at every customer who reaches your counter, your skills will transfer perfectly to the CM life.

You see the glass half full

 Disney cup

Image: Gerald Angeles, Flickr (license)

Eeyore attitudes don’t fly at Disney. There’s almost always something to drain your glass of optimism. The parks may seem perfect because of the careful sheen that CMs put on them, but from the inside you’ll always know when something is wrong. Your audioanimatronics aren’t working perfectly, your queue hasn’t dipped below an hour all day, a hurricane is threatening, one guest scraped their knee, and another has lost a child…but you’re still looking at the sunny side and offering up easy solutions as though there isn’t a single thing wrong.

If you have the persistence to push through and keep your eye on the bright side no matter what disasters are pending, then you’re fit for the job of a Cast Member.


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