Murphy’s Law is everywhere. It stalks the human race, always trying to ruin a perfect moment. The long reach of Murphy’s Law even extends into the Happiest Place on Earth. This entropic touch can even puncture the famous Disney Bubble and ruin a dream vacation. Let’s take a look at some of the doomsday scenarios that can turn Fantasyland into a nightmare. Here are 5 of the worst things that can happen during a Disney vacation along with some tips on how to save the day.

You lost your wallet, purse, or smartphone

Think of this scenario as applying to anything lost at Disney. Anything that you’re missing has value to you. You want it back. Alas, some personal belongings are easier to track than others.

When you’ve lost your phone – and this happens to most people at Disney at some point – you’ll have simple methods to track it down. The Find My iPhone app and Google Find My Device app do the same thing. They provide real-time tracking information about your devices. The same is true of smart tablets.

Wallets, purses, and other items aren’t as easy. I would suggest using a product like Tile for your most important belongings. This sort of proactive tracker doesn’t help if you’re already at Disney and have lost something, though. In those situations, your best hope is to return to the scene of the crime quickly. You may get back before some dutiful cast member has discovered the item and directed it toward Lost and Found. Always ask for help when you lose something. You may get lucky.

After a cast member recovers your belongings, these items ship to the specific park’s Guest Services section for the day. You can call Walt Disney World’s Lost and Found department at 407-824-4245 or Disneyland’s at 714-817-2166. Be as precise as possible. Also -- and this is just common sense nowadays -- you should put a hold on or cancel any credit cards when you lose your wallet or purse. That way, no additional harm can come of a terrible situation. You don’t want strangers buying HDTVs on your dime.


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