The Grand Floridian is by far the most expensive and elegant resort on Disney property. With its rich Victorian ambiance and wealth of special amenities, the Grand Floridian is the place to stay if you want to feel truly pampered at Disney. Take a peek behind the doors and into the housekeeping cart and you’ll get a closer view at just what it is that makes this hotel so special.

Your toilet tissue gets extra love

Toilet paper

Image: d_pham, Flickr (license)

Deluxe resorts like the Grand Floridian have heavier and softer two-ply toilet tissue to give guests a little extra pampering. Not only are the toilet tissue rolls of a higher quality, they’re set up a bit differently as well.

It’s standard practice in all Disney resorts to fold the tip of the toilet paper to a point when you’re cleaning the room. This is just a quick way to make sure the guests know you were there and that the TP is fresh. No one wants to think about the guest before them using the same toilet. This small courtesy is just a little way of emphasizing the fact that everything’s been freshened up since the last person used the room.

At the Grand Floridian, the practice includes an extra touch. Housekeepers have a small monogrammed toilet paper press that they can use to stamp the tip of the toilet paper as well as the tip of the top tissue peeking out of the tissue box. The large metal stamp presses the Grand Floridian logo into the soft paper for an extra elegant detail.

The bath products have an exclusive touch

Grand Floridian bathroom

Image: Jeff Christiansen, Flickr (license)

For many years, the Grand Floridian had its own exclusive line of bath products. These were branded with the name of the Grand Floridian on them, and carried that fresh, elegant smell that seems to pervade the whole Victorian resort.

Unfortunately, the Grand Floridian’s bath amenities have since changed to match the rest of the hotels on property. All resorts carry the H2O Disney collection. However, deluxe resorts like the Grand do offer more exclusive products. While most resorts offer the Mickey eared Blushing Orange and Grapefruit Bergamot products, those in the Grand Floridian are a step up, in the Sea Salt line. These Sea Salt and Sea Marine bath products are higher quality. The collection includes bath soap, facial soap, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

If you fall in love with the collection (as well you might) you can purchase full size bath products from the resort gift shops at deluxe resorts, or order them online from the Disney Store.


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