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Want to Go Drinking Around the World Like a Pro? Try These Ultimate Hacks!

Guide to drinking around the world

Whether you’re in Epcot celebrating your 21st birthday or you are just looking for a day or evening out without the kids, drinking around the world can be one of the most fun and unique ways to experience World Showcase. Be sure to bring your ID and stay safe while sampling different brews, liquors and more from around the world:

Arrive bright and early

World Showcase

Image: Brittany DiCologero

Drinking around the world safely should equate to drinking around the world slowly. Arriving at Epcot in time for the opening of World Showcase will give you the entire day to drink around the world slowly. The last thing you’ll want to find yourself doing is rushing around from country to country downing various liquors in the hot, Florida sun.

Even if drinking around the world is your main purpose for visiting Epcot, you will likely still want to experience everything else that World Showcase has to offer. From entertainment to first class dining experiences, to attractions and shows, you’ll find that there is plenty to do aside from bar hopping.

To start in Mexico or to end in Mexico?

Gran Fiesta Tour

Image: Brittany DiCologero

When drinking around the world you may come to realize that in Mexico you will end up ordering some form of tequila. Whether you plan on doing shots, having a margarita (or both), this is likely the strongest alcohol that you will have during your day of drinking around the world, which begs the question, to start in Mexico or end in Mexico?

Either way you decide to travel around World Showcase should work, but consider how you think you’ll feel after doing tequila shots either first thing in the morning or after a full day of drinking. If you decide to end your trip around the world in Mexico you can always stall before drinking tequila by wandering through the shops in the pavilion and having a snack in the nearby quick service restaurants.

tequila in Mexico

Image: Disney

Whether you start or end in Mexico can set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start strong, you may need to slow down your pace in the middle of the day to keep from getting sick. Conversely if you end in Mexico you may find yourself feeling the need to sober up before doing anything else. Whichever way you choose, remember to:

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Great article and lots of really good tips!

As for direction, if you are there only to drink around the world, I would recommend the best way is to arrive at the international gateway (skipping future world entirely), then start at France ending in the UK pub. When entering through the main entrance and starting at Mexico, which seems most logical, 90% of people get to the UK pub and stop never quite making it to the end at Canada. Plus at that point, after a long day of drinking all day, having to make what seams like a death march back to the main entrance is not the most fun end of the day.


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