Under the Boardwalk, out of the sun, under the Boardwalk, we’ll be having some fun.

You know the song, and you understand what it represents. Boardwalks were once an unmistakable part of a visit to the beach. Disney honors that legacy with Disney’s Boardwalk Villas, one of the most unique properties in the Disney Vacation Club lineup. Here are six reasons why you must stay at this hotel.

A trip back in time

Image: DisneyMany of the Disney Vacation Club hotels pay tribute to popular aspects of pop culture from prior eras. Perhaps the most memorable is Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. It hearkens back to Coney Island and other Atlantic Coast resorts of the mid-20th century. Back then, boardwalk areas embodied the beach lifestyle. They were happy hangouts for teens and vacationing families, rife with food and fun.

Disney Imagineers weren’t satisfied with building a resort in this style. They added a complete Boardwalk structure. Disney fans know that this is the place to go for food and shopping. Conveniently located just outside the back entrance of Epcot, it’s a gathering place for guests staying at either Boardwalk or Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Travelers from Walt Disney World’s Dolphin and Swan are also only a boat ride away.

Staying by the Boardwalk

Image: Disney

The rooms available at the hotel are diverse enough to suit any traveler’s needs. Basic Disney Vacation Club studios offer 359 square feet of space, with room to host four guests. Disney will allow a fifth guest if it’s a child under the age of three. The basic rooms feature a sleeper sofa, kitchenette area, and balcony with chairs.

The balcony is noteworthy since the hotel offers multiple views. The basic and standard room choices are in quieter areas of the hotel. Conversely, the Boardwalk view rooms deliver a stunning view of Crescent Lake as well as Disney’s Beach Club Villas across the water. The drawback is that the Boardwalk side has a tendency to get louder at night, especially on weekends. Some guests complain that they have difficulty sleeping on the Boardwalk side. Your mileage may vary.

Image: DisneyThe one-bedroom villa features more than twice the space, with 814 square feet. It also has a full kitchen, meaning that you can save money on food cost while you’re visiting Walt Disney World. That presumes you don’t mind cooking on vacation, though. The one-bedroom villa also accommodates four guests, so it’s not a way to increase the number of people staying in the room.

Image: Disney

For that, you’d need the two-bedroom villa, which is anywhere from 1,071 to 1,236 square feet. Disney allows up to nine guests in these rooms.



Doe ESPN still have the gift shop? I was afraid it got removed with the arcade when they added Ample Hills.

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en wikipedia org/wiki/Glazier en wikipedia org/wiki/Glazier
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For the surname, see Glazier (surname)

A glazier at work, 1946

This Deutsche Bundespost postage stamp, issued in 1986, commemorates glaziers
A glazier is a skilled tradesman responsible for trimming, installing, and removing cup (and materials used as substitutes for glass, such as some plastics) [1 - Glaziers may work with glass in various surface types and settings, such as home windows, doors, shower doorways, skylights, storefronts, display cases, mirrors, facades, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops [1 - [2 -

Contents [cover -
1 Duties and tools
2 Education and training Glaziers East Dulwich, SE22, Glazing glaziers-east-dulwich co uk Glaziers East Dulwich, SE22, Glazing>>>
3 Occupational hazards
4 In the United States
5 See also
6 Notes
7 External links
Duties and tools[edit -

A couple of glazier tools
The Occupational Perspective Handbook of the U S Department of Labor lists the next as typical duties for a glazier:

Follow specifications or blueprints
Remove any old or broken glass before installing replacement cup
Cut glass to the specified form and size
Make or install sashes or moldings for cup installation
Fasten cup into sashes or frames with clips, moldings, or other types of fasteners
Add weather seal or putty around pane edges to seal bones [3 -
The National Occupational Analysis recognized by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship separates the trade into 5 prevents of skills, each with a summary of skills, and a list of tasks and subtasks a journeyman is expected to have the ability to accomplish:[4 -

Block A - Occupational Skills

1 Uses and maintains equipment and tools

2 Organizes work

3 Performs regular activities

Stop B - Commercial Door and Screen Systems

4 Fabricates commercial door and screen systems

5 Installs commercial door and home window systems

Block C - Residential Door and Windows Systems

6 Installs residential windows systems

7 Installs home door systems

Stop D - Niche Products and Cup

8 Installs and Fabricates specialty cup and products

9 Installs glass systems on vehicles

Block E - Servicing

10 Services commercial door and screen systems

11 Services home screen and door systems

12 Services specialty products and glass

Tools utilized by glaziers "include reducing boards, glass-cutting blades, straightedges, glazing knives, saws, drills, grinders, putty, and glazing compounds "[1 -

Some glaziers work specifically with glass in automobiles; other work specifically with the security cup found in aircraft [1 - [3 -

Education and training[edit -
Glaziers are typically educated at the senior high school diploma or equivalent level and find out the skills of the trade via an apprenticeship program, which in the U S is typically four years [3 -

In the U S , apprenticeship programs are offered through the Country wide Cup Association as well as trade associations and local companies' associations Construction-industry glaziers are frequently associates of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades [1 -

In Ontario, Canada, apprenticeships are offered at the provincial level and authorized through the Ontario College of Trades [5 -

Other provinces manage their own apprenticeship programs
en wikipedia org/wiki/Glazing_(window) en wikipedia org/wiki/Glazing_(window)
The Trade of Glazier is a designated Red Seal Trade in Canada [6 -

Occupational hazards[edit -
Occupational hazards encountered by glaziers include the risks of being trim by glass or tools and dropping from scaffolds or ladders [1 - [3 - The usage of heavy equipment may also cause injury: the National Institute for Occupational Security and Health (NIOSH) reported in 1990 that a journeyman glazier died within an industrial incident in Indiana after wanting to use a manlift to transport a thousand-pound case of glass which the manlift didn't have capacity to transport [7 -

In the United States[edit -
According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are a few 45,300 glaziers in the United States, with median pay of $38,410 per yr in 2014 [3 - Two-thirds of Glaziers work in the foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors industry, with smaller numbers employed in building provides and material working, building finishing contracting, automotive maintenance and repair, and glass and glass product manufacturing [2 - [3 -

Among the 50 states, only Connecticut and Florida require glaziers to carry a license [3 -

See also[edit -
Architectural glass
Glazing in architecture
Insulated glazing
Stained glass
Glass manufacturing

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