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The One Disney Freebie Almost Everyone Overlooks

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Celebration buttons are a free, easy way to make your Disney vacation a little more special. Though many guests overlook this simple perk, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy. Get to know the benefits of these buttons and learn how you can use them most successfully during your visit.

They’re simple to get 

First Visit Button

Highlight your first visit with a button
Image: Jay Malone, Flickr (license)

Celebration buttons are incredibly easy to get, buy many guests don’t realize that they’re available. You can pick up a button at guest services in any park or at Disney Springs. You’ll also find them at the front desk of any Walt Disney World Resort. Some attractions throughout the parks are stocked with celebration buttons as well, but this approach is more hit and miss.

The best way to pick up your celebration buttons is as the beginning of your stay when you check into your hotel, or first thing in the morning as you drop by Guest Services on your way into the park.

There’s a button for everyevent 

Disney bride

Just got married? There's a button for that!
Image: Jenn, Flickr (license)

Celebration buttons change their look periodically, but there’s always a broad selection of buttons to choose from. You can pick a button for your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, family reunion, or first visit. You can also choose a more generic “I’m Celebrating” button. This broad catch-all means there’s really no excuse not to get a celebration button on your next visit.

You can personalize each piece 

Happy Birthday Buttons

Make your birthday buttons yours
Image: HarshLight, Flickr (license)

Celebration buttons are designed for personalization. Birthday buttons have a place for your name. Celebration buttons give you room to mention what you’re celebrating. Cast Members typically fill these out for you. However, if you want to customize yours yourself, or if you’d like to add a little extra flair beyond your name, take some sharpies along with you to decorate your button. Make yours truly unique by using colored sharpies.

Personalizing your buttons is great because it gives Cast Members more to go on when they see that you’re celebrating something special. They can wish you happy birthday personally when you include your name. If you mention that you’re celebrating your babymoon or college graduation and jot this on your button, Cast Members can ask more appropriate questions about your vacation, or give you the best perks for your particular type of trip.

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