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Want to Go On the Ultimate Disney Vacation for Cheap? Here's the Hack You Need to Know

Do you view points rental as a replacement for DVC Membership or a supplemental way for potential owners to sample it (or something else) altogether? Why?

image: DisneyPaul Little:

I view renting DVC points as both a way for potential owners to "test drive" the DVC villas as well as a great avenue to save money. Becoming a DVC member requires an investment of thousands of dollars. Many guests are not looking to become members but are happy to discover a way to fit deluxe accommodations into their budget. On the other hand, we have many guests who have become Disney Vacation Club members who have let us know that their rental vacation inspired them to become members.

Melissa Mullett:

That’s a really hard question to answer. I think point rentals can facilitate a lot of consumer needs. It can be a catalyst to ownership or just for exploration.  We have had quite a few guests turn into DVC Members as point rentals gave them the opportunity to explore DVC Resorts and ownership. We have other Guests that have considered DVC ownership but perhaps wanted to travel more often then the amount of points they were able to affordably purchase, so they utilized our service to fulfill their Disney craving.  Renting points is a great way to introduce oneself to the world of all things “Disney Vacation Club” without having to make any permanent commitments.

image: Disney

Scott Ferraioli:

I definitely don't feel it's a replacement to DVC.  Many of the rooms we book are DVC members themselves who need more points.  For others, it's a great way to see what they can possibly expect if they were to become a DVC member.  I absolutely love being a DVC member, and many families might not be ready to do the initial outlay of income to buy into DVC, but this is a way for them to see if it's definitely something they're interested in before they make such a large purchase.  I knew I wanted to buy into DVC after I first went with my wife to Disney many years ago but at that time it definitely wasn't financially possible for us.  Renting points allows them to not only get a discounted vacation in the present but also possibly make a decision for becoming a future member with their family for many years to come.

What would you like potential renters to know about your points rental program?

image: DisneyMelissa Mullett:

We would like potential Renters to know that we are here for them. We are excited to assist them in planning their DVC vacation. We don’t just rent points; we help answer any and all questions related to Disney and the Disney Vacation Club, everything from square footage of the rooms, where the best Character Meet and Greets are to how to navigate The My Disney Experience Program. David created this business 11 years ago out of his passion for Disney, and since then we have expanded to over 30 employees who share the same enthusiasm. We have often been duplicated but never replicated.

Scott Ferraioli:

We're the longest running DVC Point Rental Company in the U.S. and the only rental company based in Florida.  We pride ourselves on offering fantastic customer service and only hire the best.   We actually just hired a brand new employee on the day that we wrote this.  We have fantastic reviews and are all big Disney fans. You'll never be unhappy with using our services.  

image: DisneyPaul Little:

The DVC Rental Store is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been named an "Ethic-Minded Business." We set up our rental program in a manner that will make it as user-friendly as possible for the guest. Features such as no funds due prior to checking availability and the ability to split up payments assist the guest in tailoring their DVC vacation to their budget.  We also offer in-house travel insurance, which allows the guest to cancel their reservation for any reason.

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