How does the payment schedule work?

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Paul Little:

Guest payments are made at three different times throughout the process. Our Travel Advisors are happy to assist a guest with checking availability at the DVC resorts before we request any funds. We require a $100 security deposit once the guest is ready to proceed with booking a stay. We require the guest to make a deposit equal to $9.00 per point once their stay has been reserved. No other funds are due until 45 days before the guest's check-in date. The balance of the funds due is required at this time.

Melissa Mullett:

Payment is due in full within 24 hours from the Guest, once they have received their congratulatory email with the details of their reservation including a confirmation number, check-in and check-out dates as well as Resort and Room Type.  We have an agreement with our Members to send payment for the rental of their points within this timeframe as they have removed the points from their account in order to book the accommodations.

Scott Ferraioli:

There is a $120 deposit to book the room with the remaining balance due within approximately one week from booking the reservation. This is needed as we have to pay our DVC member their first portion of the room as well.  We can add dining plans and tickets months down the line to help spread out the payments, though. 

What protections are in place to keep renters from getting burned?

image: DisneyMelissa Mullett:

We have been doing this for a very long time, 11 years, and we understand the risks involved in renting points. First of all, a renter will never be out any money for their rental. If people choose to use a private owner, there is a chance that they could lose their reservation as well as the funds that they paid that member. I can only imagine how devastating that would be. By utilizing our service, we guarantee a 100% refund if a Guest reservation was canceled due to an action or omission by the Member and comparable accommodations couldn’t be found.  I can tell you that in the 11 years that we have been operating, we have never had a guest show up to a Resort without a reservation.

Scott Ferraioli:

We have contracts with all of our DVC members and are constantly checking to make sure that their contracts remain in good standing. We've done several thousand transactions and have never had a single issue.  

image: DisneyPaul Little:

We use legally binding agreements to protect the DVC member and the guest. First, we utilize an intermediary agreement, which is a contract between the DVC member and the DVC Rental Store. This agreement spells out what the renting DVC member can and cannot do and also what the DVC member can expect. We also utilize a rental agreement, which is specific to a particular reservation. The rental agreement is a contract between the DVC member and the guest, with the DVC Rental Store acting as an intermediary. The agreement specifies all of the legal requirements that the member and the guest are held to protect the integrity of the reservation. Also, we pay the funds owed to the renting member in segments with the member's final payment being held until the day of the guest's check-in. This holdback ensures that the renting DVC member will keep the reservation valid.

How far ahead do Guests need to plan to book the DVC resort they desire? What suggestions do you offer to customers on this subject?

image: DisneyScott Ferraioli:

While there isn't a magic number, the earliest anyone can book is 11 months in advance.  At the seven-month window, a large majority of resorts typically sell out due to people switching from their home resorts to other resort options.  So, more than seven months is usually best, but the more time you give us the better chance you'll have of getting exactly what you like. 

Paul Little:

We advise our guests to submit an Availability Request Form as early as possible. Disney Vacation Club allows DVC Members to begin booking 11 months in advance of the check-in date. The popularity of renting DVC points has exploded in the last couple of years. Because of this, the number of guests looking to rent can at times exceed the number of members that are looking to rent their points. Submitting an Availability Request Form as soon as possible allows us time to match the guest with a renting DVC member.

Melissa Mullett:

It depends on the resort that they are looking to secure. Some of the resorts book nine to 11 months in advance, while others book two to six months in advance. On our website, you will find a page called “When to Book.” This page goes over every DVC Resort and room type with estimations of how far in advance one should secure their reservation. These are estimations based on our experience but have assisted us in setting the proper expectation of booking windows. As stated above, our staff is also available seven days per week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST by email, telephone, and live chat should Guests have any questions.


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