Solo Trip to Walt Disney World: The Vacation to Try at Least Once

There are plenty of reasons why one may enjoy going to Walt Disney World alone, and chances are if you’re reading this article you’ve already considered some of them. Many solo guests decide to plan a trip for themselves based on the premise that they will have complete and total control over everything they do on their trip. This idea could mean anything from not having to stop at the restroom every time one of your six other family members needs to go to riding Space Mountain eight times in a row if that’s all you really want to do.

A solo trip can also lend oneself the ability to do the park at your own pace. If you want to wake up at 5:00 am to catch a breakfast reservation at 7:00, and still get to the park when it opens at 9:00, you won’t have anyone holding you back or complaining about getting up early. Conversely, if your usual trips consist of rushing around between rides, a solo trip can come as a nice change of pace where you can really take your time and enjoy all of the details that make the parks special.

Meeting Gaston

Image: Brittany DiCologero

If you’ve always wanted to meet characters, but the rest of the family never wants to stop, or you’ve found that you’re the only thrill junkie in the group, or maybe you’re the only one content spending some time people-watching, a solo trip may be just the thing you need right now. The freedom of having the entire resort at your own disposal means that you can eat what you want, ride what you want, and all around do what you want without worrying about anyone else but yourself. It may sound selfish now, but sometimes it’s good to be a little selfish and treat yourself to what you really want in a vacation.

Of course, a solo trip is not for everyone. Some guests will always feel uncomfortable dining alone, and others may miss spending time with their families after seeing so many other families enjoying the parks together. While it may sound awkward and uncomfortable at first, a solo trip to Walt Disney World (or any vacation destination for that matter) is something that is worth a try at least once. 

When should I plan to visit?

Food and Wine Festival 2016

Image: Brittany DiCologero

Like most aspects of a solo vacation, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. The simple response here is “whenever you want!” however if you’re looking to consider the “best” times to go, in terms of when being alone may not feel so uncomfortable here are a few suggestions.

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival can serve as a great opportunity for the solo guests. Many locals and annual passholders visit Epcot by themselves during this time, so you won’t be the only one visiting alone. The standing tables that are set up around World Showcase during the Festival provide the perfect set-up for solo guests, as they often end up sharing the tables with others while snacking around the world, which can make the whole “solo experience” far less uncomfortable if it’s something you’re worried about.

RunDisney events can also be the perfect “icebreaker” week or weekend for the first time solo traveler. Many guests actually do participate in Disney races alone, so you may not feel as surrounded by families as you usually would while in the Disney parks. The running community is also very welcoming and easy to be a part of when you don’t have your family by your side. Not sure if you’re ready for a RunDisney race? There is a minimum pace requirement of a 16-minute mile that you need to keep, but if you can power-walk or lightly jog this pace on the treadmill you shouldn’t have a problem keeping up.

While not a specific time of year, another ideal time for a solo trip may be during a long weekend. If you’re short on vacation time, or would simply rather use those days to travel when the whole family can go, a long weekend can be the perfect getaway. Even during a popular travel weekend, like Columbus Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend, when the parks tend to be very busy, factoring in that you will be by yourself means that you will actually have more time. The parks may be busier, but you’ll be able to use the single rider lines, plan your Fastpasses based on your specific requests only, and follow your own touring plan for getting around the parks. 


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